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4 Reasons Why Adventure TravelS Are a Great Idea

people kayking in the sun in norway

There’s no question that various kinds of  adventure travels exist because not all people like to experience new places and cultures in the same way. A foodie may love endless tours of the distinct culinary treats in a new place whereas a history enthusiast will want to visit all the museums and cultural heritage sights in the area.

However, adventure travel is often relegated to the adrenaline seekers, although it’s a lot more than just pushing your limits on fear. Adventure travelling by its very essence is about seeking adventure outside of the constrains of human-made settings. For example, hiking in Norway is an adventure, but one that’s very different from something like skydiving.

Nature Reduces Stress Levels

For so many people, being away from their daily hustle and routine can be a stress relief all on its own. However, being surrounded by nature has an extremely calming affect on our bodies. A public health research study found that nature reduces negative emotions such as anger and fear.

Additionally, natural landscapes also reduce blood pressure, tension in muscles, stress hormone production and heart rate. It may even have an impact on how we feel pain. That’s why adventure travelling is a great remedy for the physical and emotional signs of stress.

Adventure travels and ExperienCing New Cultures

Even though adventure travelling is best done in remote areas, that doesn’t mean there aren’t unique cultural aspects to be experienced. Voss is known for its farmland culture, which includes a quirky method of brewing local Kveik beer that’s rarely found elsewhere.

You can even try local cuisine and food as well as indulge in some handicrafts that are native to Norway and the Bergen region specifically. All in all, adventure traveling can be an immersive multi-faceted experience — if you do it right.


Keeps Your Body Fit

When you’re invested in having a successful adventure experience, you’re going to want to keep your body fit and ready to dive in. Adventure activities like MTB trail tours or even tandem river kayaking tour can be very physically demanding.

Keeping your body fit can be difficult usually, but working towards a goal because of a vacation can be a powerful motivation to keep training and working out.

rafting group in norway, adventure travels

Gain a sense of accomplishment

I does not matter what age you are, taking an adventure trip and challenging yourself can gain your feeling of inner strenght. You cann accomplish personal achievements in often an easier way than home.

 The more difficult the trail you take, or water you paddle or hights you beat , so meaning the greater the challenge, the more sense of achievement you will feel when accomplishing those things. 

Like finally reaching the top after 3 or 5 hrs of hiking up the hill.

Traveling and achieving your own goals can provide an great feeling might stay with you even long after you’ve returned home.

adventure hiking in norway

Learning New Skills

Speaking of working  towards a goal, adventure travel is a great way to learn new skills. Becoming a pro at river canoe navigation or becoming an expert skiier on a ski adventure in Norway are just two examples of the many different kinds of athletic skills that our clients tend to learn.

Learning new skills opens your horizons in many ways, and adds flavor to your life. Who knows, when you go back home you could even compete in marathons or skiing competitions! Certain new skills can change the way you travel in the future or live your life at home, and  often will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

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