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4 Reasons Why You Should Support Ecotourism

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Ecotourism becomes more and more important.

We edge closer to the point of no return with the delicate balance of our complex ecosystem, a targeted effort needs to be made to make sure we lower the impact of our lifestyles on the environment. The way we travel is no different.

As more people join the fold of sustainable living, there’s a concerted effort that both travelers and travel-associated businesses are making to incorporate ecotourism above all else. Ecotourism can look like something as small as eliminating waste or can be a complex principle such as slow travel.

In either case, there are some key reasons why you should be supportive of ecotourism as a traveler. Let’s take a look.

Contributing to a Larger Cause

The endeavour to becoming a better human being often means contributing to a collective cause that will make lives better for other people as well as yourself. Ecotourism is one way to be part of such a cause.

By traveling in trains rather than planes, shopping sustainably and locally as well as keeping your waste to a minimum, you’re actively making choices that will lessen the burden on Mother Nature. Even though you’re just a lone individual, this is how you can begin to empower yourself and people around you to make better ecological choices.

Can Be Lighter On The Wallet

Ecotourism emphasizes slow travel, as well as local tourism. For example, if you live in Norway, why should you travel to the Alps for adventure? There is plenty of Skiing in Voss for you to experience during the winter ski season, as well as MTB trails, river kayaking tours and other outdoor activities in the summer.

Traveling domestically via trains greatly reduces your cost and the price levels will be what you’re used to rather than drastically higher at a commercial resort location.

Giving Back to Communities

Ecotourism is all about going small-scale. Instead of patronizing large corporate hotel chains, find locally run bed and breakfasts or inns to stay at. Rather than buying from large companies that produce souvenirs in bulk with profit maximization tactics, purchase cultural nick-nacks from handicraft workers themselves.

This way, instead of giving money to large conglomerates that refuse to enact social justice or environmental consciousness in their operations you can help small local businesses grow. 
By joining local toursim services like rentals or guided tours, you support the area you are visiting too.

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Learning About Culture Respectfully

Speaking of social justice, ecotourism is often held together with cultural progressive values. Learning about new cultures respectfully to appreciate them is important. If we don’t invest our energy and time into immersion, we often end up culturally appropriating.

As conscious citizens in the 21st century, its our job to take a minute to truly understand the histories of other communities from whom we’re consuming. After all even sightseeing or adventure tourism is other people hosting you while you take in what they have to offer.

At Outdoor Norway, we do our best to use the larger principles and smaller practices of ecotourism. Our Norway hiking, river canoeing and even trail bike rental Norway are targeted at helping people enjoy their vacations and seek their adventure rush without harming the environment and communities of the area.