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5 Reasons Why Rafting Is Perfect For Everyone

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Rafting is a highly dynamic activity that is very famous in Voss. When people talk about whitewater rafting they always think about powerful rapids, dangerous environment and adrenaline rush. Well, rafting can certainly be all of that, but it can also be so much more. 

With Outdoor Norway, you will not just get the excitement and fun with the powerful rapids but you will also experience teamwork and camaraderie. It’s a fun, memorable experience everyone should try. 

That’s why we have put together this list of 5 reasons why rafting is a great activity for everybody. 


Raundalselva is one of the mightiest rivers in Voss. As we all know rivers are the veins of Planet Earth. With rafting, you get to marvel at the beauty of Norway’s picturesque surroundings and enjoy how it is very important to take care of it. 

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Even though we live in houses, flats and big cities, we truly belong to nature. Fresh air, crystal clear water, animals and plants, it’s has been surrounding us for most of human history. Nature inspires people because this is where we come from. Join a rafting trip and feel the connection with Mother Nature. 

That is why we need to protect Mother nature as much as possible. We can only enjoy what Mother nature can offer if we take care of it.

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Power of the moving water is incredible. Mastering the rapids will definitely get your heart pumping but it will also fill you with a feeling of joy and triumph. It is important to choose the right rafting trip according to your fitness and experience.


In life, and all around the world, there are thousands of unique opportunities to have fun. Travelling to another country, cliff diving, eating foreign cuisine, and many others. Rafting can be an unforgettable experience. It is  one of the most unique experiences you could try in Norway.

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If you think about it, almost every part of whitewater river rafting is an adventure. But, here’s the thing that most people don’t realise. It’s not always about what you see, but what you feel that makes the happening an “adventure.” Adrenaline pumping through your veins as you crash through the rapids.

The spray of the river getting in your face. The sudden feeling you get when your stomach drops as you go over a waterfall(even a small one). No matter what part of the river you are on, who you’re with or what you see, every part is an adventure.

Join us in rafting and enjoy with us. You can also bring your friends and family. You can book your slots now online at our website