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1.500 NOK p.pers


1 day


confident on skiing


January to April

guide + transportation




This tour is suitable for beginners and intermediate backcountry skiers.

BACKCOUNTRY SKI TOUR – beginner to intermediate

BACKCOUNTRY SKI TOUR – beginner to intermediate

Join us in winter for a great backcountry day tour through the incredible mountains surrounding Voss. This trip is designed specifically for those who have little to some experience in the backcountry and are looking for a long day to get to know the backcountry areas better and improve their skills.

Our local guides will have two objectives on every trip: providing you with the best possible experience and keeping you safe. That is why for our trip, we require at least a satisfactory level of riding in piste skiing and had some off-piste experience riding on resorts. So you should ski in control at all times . 



Backcountry Skiing, sometimes referred to as Alpine Touring, is skiing on unmarked or unpatrolled areas outside of ski resort boundaries.

Most often, backcountry ski-areas are secluded, untouched parts of nature, which require long uphill hikes in order to get to the top of each run. To effectively hike through snow, a specialized tour binding is required. Such bindings are hinged so that the heel stays unattached while walking uphill, much like a cross-country set up, but then lock in place when ready for descent.


Climbing skins are also a necessity, which attach to the bottom of skis and are used to prevent the skier from sliding backwards. Climbing up with skins is referred to as “skinning”.


Backcountry touring for snowboarders use to be much more challenging before the invention of the splitboard. Also fixed with special bindings and skins, these are snowboards that can be split in half in order to make for an assent on ‘skis’, only to be locked back in place when ready to descend.

Off-piste skiing is typically done off the main groomed runs of ski resorts, yet still uses the lifts to get back to the top each time. Backcountry skiing differs in that it takes place completely outside of ski resorts.

The exception is that occasionally skiers will use the lift once to access the initial backcountry terrain.


EQUIPMENT 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1 day
Touring Set + Avalanche gear 950,- 1450,- 1850,- 2200,- 2500,- 2800,- 300,-
TOURING SET Ski or Splitboard 800,- 1200,- 1600,- 2000,- 2300,- 2600,- 250,-
Boots 350,- 550,- 750,- 900,- 1050,- 1200,- 150,-
Skins 400,- 600,- 800,- 1000,- 1150,- 1300,- 150,-
Avalanche gear 200,- 300,- 400,- 500,- 600,- 700,- 100,-

Glossary for rental touring equipment

  • AVALANCHE GEAR = Personal ski backpack, transceiver, shovel and probe
  • TOURING SET for SKI = Skis with walk bindings, skins, ski poles and ski boots
  • TOURING SET for SNOWBOARD = Splitboard, skins, ski poles and snowboard boots


Unfamiliar with all the jargon? Don’t worry! We’ll get you up to speed with our SKI DICTIONARY, click here!

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What to expect

Step into a winter world of mountains and fjords! As your tips dig through the snow you throw a big turn, and smiling ear to ear.
This is an authentic Norwegian backcountry ski tour adventure!

Great winter nature 94%
Winter adventure ❄️ 100%
Off piste skiing 100%

F.A.Q. - BACKCOUNTRY SKI TOUR BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE with Outdoor Norway and our answers.

We start skiing as soon as the snow is on the mountains, and up until the snow falls ends! This is usually between the start of Dec to the end of April. It’s all depending on Mother Nature!

An explicit list of what to bring will be sent out to travelers before the tour. In most cases, it includes a recommended clothing and gear lists like: 

  • Ski jacket and pants, hardshell, gloves, hat, hiking boots
  • Woolen underlayers and socks
  • Backpack
  • Snacks & water
  • Skin protection against cold

We recommend that all of our guests be in good physical health.

If you have a medical issue but you still want to go skiing, we always recommend you check with your doctor first.

Inquiry with us if you have further questions.

There is no maximum age limit for our backcountry skiing tours – so long as you’re physically fit you can join!

Only if they have a touring binding that allows the heel to be released for hiking uphill with skins.

No, in powder most riders do not notice a performance drop compared to a solid board. In hard, icy snow, however, there is definitely a difference.

Yes, and you’ll have to hike uphill on snowshoes and carry the board on your backpack with strong strap and attachment points.

Split-snowboards are recommended because they are much more efficient on the way up.

Tip is not a regular thing in Norway as it’s in USA. Your guide works hard to ensure that you have a fun, yet safe skiing adventure and always committed to the Outdoor Norway high standard guided tour.

Tip is widely accepted as the industry norm; and tipping is always appreciated but never expected. It stays totally at your own discretion.


Refund Guarantee

If your trip is cancelled due to COVID, choose free between date changes, account credit or full refund.


Your money is safe! Every booking is fully secured and financially protected.


Send an email below with your requested date(s) and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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