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Calgary, Canada

31.450 NOK


10 days





Guide + Hotel




To get as much out of this trip as possible, all guests should have a satisfactory level of fitness and be able to ski freely at minimum intermediate level.


Experience British Columbia skiing like never before, the ultimate powder skiing adventure!

In our Canada Ski Tour, we’ll visit some of British Columbia’s best ski resorts, a powder paradise. The trip begins in Calgary where we meet up and head off for good times. We have targeted the unique BC resorts of Fernie, Whitewater, Red Mountain, Revelstoke and Kicking Horse.

All resorts are connected with small towns, big opportunities, monster burgers and inspiring mountains to explore with knowledgeable guides.

Our travel concept is based on the feeling of traveling with like-minded friends, all with the goal of having the best ski tour as possible in the powder, trees and off-piste. This is regardless of whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with a larger group of friends.

Our guests do not have to think about details, they just need to be excited to ski with us at Outdoor Norway and experience Western Canada at its best. This is considered the most valuable ski tour package in Canada, your ski holidays handled by professional who is passionate for what they do!

Included in your travel are professional guiding, Hotels and transportation in Canada!

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What to expect

Step into a winter world of mountains as far as the eye can see, towering spruce trees buried under a heavy blanket of snow. 

A deep snow skiing paradise
Join a world class ski tour!

World-Class Ski Resorts 100%
Winter adventure 91%
Off piste skiing 94%

All travelers require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Norwegians Citizens are not required a visa but need to apply for ETA ( Electronic Travel Authorization). Citizens of some countries will be required a visa. For more information, please contact your local Canadian embassy, or passport office.

Entry regulations read here https://www.canada.ca/en.html

Since September 2021 are fully vaccinated people and  travels to Canada from Europe allowed again. Here you find updated information about travels to Canada in times of Covid-19.

For other  travelinsights or health reccomendations please visit the MD Travel Health website and navigate to your destination country for information about any vaccinations you may require prior to traveling, or please visit your local travel clinic for the most up to date information.

The Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar (CAN). For the latest currency exchange information use  a Currency Calculator on google or other browsers or get information right from your bank.

Generally, the best way to get local currency is to use local ATMs when you arrive. Your bank will usually charge you a small fee to do this (typically around $5), and you may also get charged a fee by the local bank, but you will generally get a reasonable exchange rate (as opposed to local banks or money exchange desks).

Since you’re getting charged fees we recommend taking out a few days worth of local currency at a time, and an amount that you would feel comfortable carrying around (e.g. $100-$200). No point in carrying $500 on you just to avoid $5 of ATM fees!

At most places you can pay with your creditcard too. Ask your local bank about possible fees when using your card abroad.

Your main guide in Canada

Mark Basso is our guide chief and will unravel the secret BC spots with his happy mood.

Born in Penticton, British Columbia. Mark has been a competitive skier and professional whitewater paddler for over 20 years. Born and raised in the mountains near Revelstoke, he is very familiar with the ski resorts as well as the ins and outs of the local communities that we visit.

Now residing in Bergen and Voss since 2008, Mark also has a very  strong relationship with the outdoor recreation community in Norway as well as in many parts of Western Canada and the USA.

Along with Mark we will provide other guide during our travels to Canada during the winter. It is thanks to these skiing wizards that we dare say that we have the best guides out there that will take care of your ski holiday.

profile markbasso
Mark Basso

F.A.Q. - CANADA SKI ROAD TRIP with Outdoor Norway and our answers.


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