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Covid-19 and Travels to Norway

couple sitting on a mounatin view above fjords

The Norwegian borders are starting to open up! And it’s about time!

Slowly but surely it is happening what we all waited for…
by 24.June and even more by 5. July Norway will welcome and recieve more tourists again!

As good as it sounds there are still some bumps in the road ahead.

Travellers from “green” European areas and countries as well as travellers from Denmark with a valid corona certificate are allowed to enter Norway without having to go into quarantine. To understand those regulations, lets take look into that, shall we?

What is the “Corona certificate”?

The certificate is proof that you either had the virus in the last 6 month or that you are fully vaccinated. The certificate is either online or on paper and has an QR code with your medical information regarding Covid-19. This code will be registered when you enter Norway, and will show that you can come in without quararantine.
Sound good, right? 
Norway will connect to the EU’s corona passport solution on 24 June. Then travelers from the EU / EEA countries will be able to travel to Norway, regardless of the infection in the country.

Here are some useful links to help you gathering more information:

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But there are more good news!

Norway lets you in without issues to explore our mountains and fjords again when you are green!
Well not you personally but the country you travel from. Then your entry is permited and you can travel to Norway without stucking in quaratine. 

As of now, (22.June 2021), Iceland, Greenland, Poland, Romania and most of Finland are labelled as “green” areas. Please notice this can always change on short notice! 

Norway waiting until 5 July 2021 to comply with the EU’s threshold values ​​for quarantine exemptions.
This means that Norway will receive many tourists from 24.June and even more by 5. July!

Here you will find more information about it:

Changes from Norwegian government are usually announced on Fridays and new regulations take effect at midnight the following Monday.



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