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How to Make the Most of Your Norway Ski Tour

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For those looking to take in the beauty of the natural world, experience a unique culture or take on a thrilling adventure, your next vacation may be well spent enjoy a ski tour with Outdoor Norway. Ski touring is well known in places like France and Austria, but lesser visited Norway boasts incredible mountains and fjords, including countless quaint and cozy local villages to stop at along the way.

From the moment you land at Bergen Flesland Airport, Outdoor Norway will have you covered. Our goal is to make sure your tour is one you will never forget, from the skiing itself to all the small details inbetween.

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or new to the sport, we can guarantee an experience full of laughter, new friendships, and breathtaking scenery. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your vacation is one for the books:

Travel with friends or family

Travel is an experience that’s best enjoyed with the people you love. As the saying goes, ‘happiness is only real when shared’! Although we warmly welcome solo travelers, chasing after the empowering experience that comes from discovering their potential independently, skiing will be even more memorable with someone by your side.

Plan an adventure with your closest friends, family or partner, making memories to last a lifetime, while discovering the endless ways travel brings us closer to each other, and the world.

When starting young with your kids, even a winter holiday with smaller ones is possible! Winter regions always offer lessons even for the youngest in the family. And those courses do not even need to bee long or expensive.

 Kids often enjoy time in the outdoors and learn something new. It often boosts their confidence.

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Pack all your essentials

Packing for a Norway ski tour can be challenging because you never know what you might need, but there are certain essentials that you should always have. Sun protection for your skin, anti-glare sunglasses and goggles, warm jackets, wool layers, gloves, snow boots, and other miscellaneous items are some of the things you should have on you.

Additionally, you should bring your own ski gear, but if you can’t travel with it, we can help you arrange rental equipment.


Sign up for lessons before the slopes

While we usually offer lessons for activities such as mountain biking and kayaking, you can also find lessons with Outdoor Norway related to skiing. This helps you prepare for the Norway backcountry skiing  terrain, to ensure that you will get the most out of your time here. Instead of spending time on the basics, you will be able to focus and getting deeper in Norwegian nature, far from the places tourists usually stay.

Of course, there’s no expectation of having Olympic-level skills—you’ll just have more fun if you know what you’re doing!

Add other activities

While Norway Fjord Ski Touring is the ultimate experience for many, Outdoor Norway also offers other excursions, both domestically and abroad that can be combined to makes a truly unique vacation. A surf tour in Brazil, perhaps an E-bike tour in Norway; make the most of your precious time by enjoy a diverse array of people, places and activities by booking a combo tour.

Excited to hop on board this winter? Book a ski tour in Norway with us today!