johan larson

Johan is born in Sweden and have a solid outdoor background from the military training and river guide. As true Scandinavian born, ski is part of his life since age of 4. His strongest passion is for whitewater paddling and for 3 summers has worked as head of kayak courses at Scandinavia largest whitewater kayak center in Sweden and also as kayak instructor in Nepal.

He have been in whitewater kayak expedition trips in Himalayas for 3 times and in Africa, Uganda is checked off his list. Moved to Voss in 2013 and in 2014 went live for a year in Bodo, Northern Norway to experience a Polar life style.

Johan is committed with the outdoor life style and constantly improving his skills to enjoy any kind of weather where can go skiing, mountain biking or hike a mountain to launch his Paraglider.