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The Appeal of Nature centered Wanderlust

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Wanderlust is more than just a hashtag on social media.
For many years, mainstream tourism has focused on leisure, relaxation, and luxury-life pleasures. That’s why a city like Las Vegas recorded upwards of 45 million visitors in 2019 — the casinos, cuisine, entertainment and hotels have been designed to feed off the human need for distraction, temptation and greed.

However, as global conversations move towards sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, one avenue has opened up that balances the human need for new experiences, with the urgent concern for the environment. Nature-based tourism combined with sustainability initiatives is the only way we can even begin to redeem the damage in tourism which has done over the years.

Wanderlust and Understanding Principles of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a form of sustainable travel that focuses on a few specific principles that help set the bar for how we should be thinking about green vacations. Ecotourism recognizes the importance of taking a break, traveling, and supporting local tourist economies.

The key here is to reconnect with nature, as ecotourism emphasizes leads us to remember our primal need for natural places. By reconnecting with the wild world, it is much easier to not only realize the damage we do to it regularly, but how important it is to protect and preserve it moving forward. This kind of relationship brings with it a natural inclination to be more conscious of one’s own choices.

Ecotourism also allows for the need to have a vacation. With the kind of tough lives we lead, getting away from our daily schedule and tuning into natural sights can improve mental health and energy.


Ecotourism becomes more and more the popular form of travel today that focuses on visiting natural or protected areas of a destination. In fact, it’s quickly become one of the fastest growing areas in the travel industry.

Ecotourism fas the goal that you   learn or participate in activities that do not bring negative effects to the environment or local community and minimizes overall impact.

Here are some Top Activities to do:

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How It Works

So, how does someone participate in ecotourism? Ecotourism brings together two main features: aligning travel service providers with sustainability values, and instilling a deeper appreciation of natural wonders.

Ecotourism also prizes accessibility. That’s why supporting more affordably priced local businesses, a strong sense of social justice, and a healthy respect for all kinds of living creatures is critical. And although traveling to unpolluted and undisturbed areas has historically led to the area’s degradation, we can help avoid that from happening entirely by redefining the way we treat nature around us.

Where wanderlust& Adventure Meets Ecotourism

At Outdoor Norway, our way of doing ecotourism is linked to the exciting experiences we offer, such as hiking,  cycling, or Ski tour in Norway. Adventure is a real escape for many people. Not only do such experiences help people get out in nature, but they also help release endorphins that help keep people in a good mood.

That’s why at Outdoor Norway, we offer the full immersive adventure experience. Even for those who just find themselves camping in Voss, we are dedicated to supplying a full range of Bergen outdoor activities that encourage a deeper connection with the local landscape and culture.

Adventure and ecotourism make possible the perfect balance between the principles of nature-based traveling and our natural desires for experiencing new things. When done right, it can help us achieve an equitable type of travel experience. Book an adventure with us today and get firsthand experience on what sustainable, nature-centric tourism feels like.