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Geography 101: The Stunning Scenery of Voss, Norway

stand up paddling on river in norway

Nature enthusiasts are likely to find a new favorite location if they find themselves travelling to Voss, Norway. This small municipality may not seem like much at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you will find a plethora of gorgeous natural scenery that any travel aficionado would be deeply grateful to experience.

Located at the eastern edge of Vestlandet, Voss is subject to much of the weather and geography of the west coast: rain, mountains, sheep, and a mix of old-growth forests and sprawling farmland. Mixed together, it provides a small town feel with convenient proximity to iconic Norwegian nature, making it an ideal place to experience wild landscapes and outdoor adventures.

Shimmering Fjords

Norway has been put on the world’s travel radar due to its incredibly unique fjords. Bergen, just over an hour away by train, is considered “the gateway to the fjords”, and many tourism companies market the country as “Fjord Norway”. Known as the adventure capital of the country, Voss just happens to be conveniently nestled between the country’s two largest fjords: Hardangerfjord in the south and Sognefjord in the north, each ideal for kayaking and SUP Boarding.

But, what exactly are fjords? In the words of the official Fjord Norway:

“A fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated sea or lake drain, with steep land on three sides. The opening toward the sea is called the mouth of the fjord, and is often shallow. If the geological formation is wider than it is long, it is not a fjord. Then it is a bay or cove.

The fjords of Norway were formed by the giant glacier tongues that through several ice ages have shaped the landscape. A fjord is therefore a U-shaped undersea valley, and on the west coast, this valley is often surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery.”

When thinking about fjords, it important to remember that the water in them is actually salt water, as they are extensions of the ocean. That’s why scientists have been able to find coral reefs in some of the country’s fjords.

Endless Mountains of Voss

The fjords offer just as much active adventuring as the mountains surrounding Voss do! Hiking and MTB tours in the summer, and ski trips in the winter, are huge attractions for many outdoor travelers.

Some of our favorite mountain bike trails in the nearby mountains include Raugstad, Storåsen and Bømoen. Whether a beginner or a pro-biker, there is something for everyone. And while each trail presents its own challenges, each location boasts its own unique beautiful scenery too.

However, embarking on ski trips is arguably the most popular (and Norwegian!) reason to be in the mountains during winter. Skiing in Voss include Mount Oksen, Lønahorgi, the Raundalen Mountains, Vikafjell or the Sognefjord Mountains. And just like Mountain bike tour in Norway, every ski adventure, whether on the slopes or in the backcountry, can be adjusted to fit nearly all skill-levels.

women on mtb downhill, great hill tour
sup lake paddling in norway
Sup paddling on Vangsvatnet lake in Voss, Norway.

Serene Lakes

The international mountain town of Voss is also home to many large lakes, including Evangervatnet, Hamlagrovatnet, Lønavatnet, Torfinnsvatnet, Vangsvatnet and Oppheimsvatnet. Outdoor Norway’s office happens to sit on the shores of the beautiful Vangsvatnet, just 100 meters from the central train/bus station, and the gondola!

It comes as no surprise that Vangsvatnet has then become a central location for water activities.

 Outdoor Norway provides stand-up paddling, canoeing and kayaking options to visitors so they may too join in on the fun and experience what the lake has to offer. It is also the perfect place to sit back and relax as you watch dozens of paragliders fly through the sky, all back dropped by beautiful scenery.

If you’re excited to embark on some of these unique adventures, start planning your trip today with the Outdoor Norway team. We provide hiking and bicycle tours, as well as ski adventures and outdoor activities in and near Voss, Norway.