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TOP 3 activities to spent your Autumn Holiday

summer vacation rafting

Here ARe the top 3 activities, so you can enjoy your Norwegian Autumn Holiday in Voss!

1. Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great activity nearly all year long. But while in the summer times occasionaly hot temperatures and mosquitos maybe make a ride up hill even more challenging, in autumn you can purely focus on your ride.

A cool breeze in your face, amazing colors in all tones of red and brown around you and less crowded trail along your way down! 
With our outdoor base in Voss, Norway we have a prime location for mountain biking in Voss which offers a great trail network for all kind of skill levels and ages! 

For those who want to beat the hill with some support, the best choice would be an electric mountain bike. Those are becoming more and more popular and let you get up hills which seemed impossible before!

Mountain bike tour in Voss

Mountain biking with a view above the valley. Here seen as part of the Great Hill Tour.

2. Family Rafting

Few people still think rafting is wild and extreme activity and just suitable for adventure seeking adults.

But that is far from the truth!
Rafting can be fun and safe even for the youngest ones in your family! 
A river has always different sections, some are wilder with grade 3 or 4 rapids, while others are milder with easier rapids.
When taking a tour with your kids on milder sections, like grade 1 or 2 rapids, it becomes a great activity for all from age 5 and up! And here is our family rafting tour.
The excitement gets higher along the trip and becomes an enjoyable activity even for kids which are not  already water enthusiastics.  It’s even okay when the swimming skills of your child aren’t developed yet, due everyone gets the right safety gear to keep them afloat in any case.

We have quality equipment to keep you and your loved ones warm as: wetsuit, neoprene jacket, water resistant jacket, neoprene boots and life west, even colder temperatures are easy to battle. So definitely one of the best autumn holiday activities with your kids.

Exploring the river, even with your youngest ones!

3. Rafting

Rafting on wilder sections of the river can become definitely your biggest adventure of the holiday!

The river offers different challenges and rapid sections. From Grade 1 for easy up to Grade 6 for extreme.

Grade 3 rapids guarantee a fun and action packed trip with friends and family. While at the same time still being suitable for beginners in water sports. So you don’t need to brush up your outdoor skills, to join a tour like that.

Now with the rain ahead the water levels of rivers are slowly rising again and that makes river rafting a great activity even on a a rainy day of your family autumn holiday and river rafting in Voss is a perfect autumn holiday activity

Looking for a day full of activity, then you must check our BEST SELLER adventure activity package the Combo River Rafting and Mountain Bike in Voss.

Join us for and epic time this 2021 Autumn. 

Wild rides ahead with an adrenalin packed tour on the river!

The Top 3 Autumn Activies in an overview