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3 Things to Look Forward to in Voss for Nature Lovers

Mountain bike in Norway


At first glance, Voss is well known as the adventure mecca or Norway. However, its rolling hills, stoic mountains and green pastures also provides a peaceful haven for nature-lovers. Located at the edge of Vestland, the western-most region of the country, this beautiful mountain town is considered to lay at the heart of Fjord Norway, one of the most scenic, idyllic locations in the world.

Outdoor Norway has all the tools one would need to build a memorable outdoor holiday, especially if you’re a fan of mountains and rivers. Easy to access, we recommend heading to Voss by train from Bergen – a colorful coastal city that is also known as ‘the Gateway to the Fjords’. Once in Voss, we’ll do our best to help you have a unique and pleasurable experience.

To get you excited for the trip, here are some of the things you’ll get to experience up close and personal:

1.     Plenty of fjords, lakes, and rivers

Voss is known for its incredible sources of water, including rivers, lakes and waterfalls, each offering a unique starting point for nature-based adventures. Simultaneously experiencing towering snow-capped mountains and coastal-climate saltwater fjords provides a unique experience found in only a few special places around the world.

You’ll never tire of the cold, blue sweet water flowing through Voss’s rivers, or the sound of a rushing rapids and waterfalls drowning out the rest of the world. Outdoor Norway has several water activities to choose from, including rafting, kayaking and SUP tours. Located at the shores of lake Vangsvatnet, you can end your day with us by just hanging out and enjoying the view, perfect places for nature lovers.


mountain view norwegian hike

2.     Mountain views like never before

If you thought you’d seen enough mountains to last a lifetime, Voss will surely change your mind. The town is surrounded by snow-capped mountains that will provide you will breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, farms, and plateaus. On the clearest days, you may even be able to see the edge of glaciers!

Whether you’re going on a hike through the woods, or just strolling around your accommodation, we can assure you that the views simply never get old. Breathe in the mountain air, take in the peace and quiet, and come home renewed and rejuvenated.


3.     Farmlands and forestry

Scattered across Voss you will see countless small farms, sitting on rolling hills and at the base of formidable mountain walls. These farms create an old-thyme feeling to a region that has relied on agriculture for centuries, which visitors can read more about at the local culture museum. The region in general stays relatively green throughout most of the year, making it a perfect destination for scenic hikes and trekking expeditions.

There’s an abundance of beauty in Voss, which is why it’s such a popular camping location in Norway, as well as a favourite spot for white water rafting Norway, ski touring and much more. Book your next adventure with us today for our Voss outdoor activities we speak Nature lovers language!