Our company. Our values. Your Freedom.

Our vision

Our vision in leisure time interacting man with nature providing welfare and joy into they life, a prosperity to younger and older generations.

Our commitment

Our commitment the practice of low-impact, educational, ecologically and culturally sensitive travel that benefit local community and Norway.

Our mission

Is delivery a quality service focused on outdoor activities in nature through guiding, tutoring and hiring gear.

The focus on sustainability

The focus on sustainability is strategically important for Norway as a tourist nation. We have a unique position as a supplier of grand nature-based experiences.


We’re an eco-friendly tour operator to share the uniqueness of each adventure, attach great importance and knowledge to experienced guiding service and easy access to hiring of equipment to explore the outdoors.

Investing in sustainability

Investing in sustainability and enhances the value of biodiversity, ecosystems and cultural heritage, while responding to increasing demand from tourists for greener tourism.

The standard

Aim to be a member hold of Green Key certification in Norway by making sure our costumers holidays has the smallest footprint possible.

Green key

Green key is an international eco-label for environmental performance in tourism by increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable methods and principles in tourism, and to reduce the consumption of resources and energy.