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Kayaking in VOSS

Unforgettable Voss Kayak Tours

Come discover your dream kayak trip. With day and multi-day kayak trips in Norway, Outdoor Norway has everyone covered — from people looking for a jaunt out on the rivers, and fjords of Voss to the die-hard kayak enthusiasts who are looking for a longer adventure on our larger waterways and whitewater rapids. 

We are extremely lucky to call Voss our home. From here, we run all kinds of incredible outdoor activities, such as our Voss MTB Tours and Voss Hiking Tours, and our Voss kayak tours below are among our most popular experiences. Why? Because Voss has many different kinds of waterways, allowing it to offer the greatest kayak experiences in Norway. Book your kayak trip in Voss, Norway, today!

Voss KAYAK Day Tours


Multi-day Tours in Voss INCLUDING KAYAKing