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Exciting rafting adventures for FOUNDATIONS group party

Diverse and Inclusive Adventures for Foundation Groups!

Outdoor Norway specialises in curating extraordinary experiences for a diverse array of foundation groups, guaranteeing unforgettable memories for all. Our excursions along the Voss and its picturesque surroundings are designed to cater to schools, sports teams, and a variety of youth organizations, all with a strong emphasis on inclusivity.

Foundations we have had the honour of collaborating with include those dedicated to cancer, physical or mental disabilities, youth, the elderly, immigrants, and more. Our team specialises in crafting customised experiences for a wide range of groups, including private sector foundations.

Embark on an inclusive and exhilarating river adventure tailored specifically to your foundation group's unique requirements. Reach out to us today to begin crafting an experience that will leave a lasting impact!

Foundation Adventures with Outdoor Norway

Cancer Foundations:
Honoured to host therapeutic events, combining nature's beauty with physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Physical/Mental Disabilities:
Committed to accessible adventures, our trained guides create a supportive environment for all to enjoy rafting.

Youth Foundations:
Engaging youth through team-building, fostering leadership skills and camaraderie.

Elderly Foundations:
Tailored river trips for seniors, focusing on gentle rafting sections for outdoor joy.

Immigrants Foundation:
Partnering for a unique blend of adventure and cultural exploration, connecting diverse backgrounds.

Private Sector Foundations:
Activating corporate social responsibility through team-building rafting adventures, fostering positive engagement.

And more:
Explore our inclusive collaborations! Outdoor Norway adapts adventures to suit the unique needs of each foundation. Connect with us for a customised experience aligning perfectly with your 


Foundation GROUPS party INQUIRY

Let's team up to craft an epic adventure that perfectly matches your foundation's mission. Get in touch with us today to check our schedule, talk about your unique goals or needs, and dive into a fun and unforgettable experience with Outdoor Norway.