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Decades worth of certified outdoor experience in all elements

Outdoor Norway Team Having Fun Near Waterfall


Our guides and staff are carefully selected for their professional work and guiding experience.

Their commitment to outdoor activities, adeptness in managing risks, and passion for sharing their love for these pursuits aim to ignite your own explorations. Whether skiing, paddling, hiking, or biking, they encourage you to delve into the captivating and beautiful natural world of Fjord Norway. Cheers to your forthcoming adventures!

Marcio Franco Founder Outdoor Norway

Marcio Franco

CEO & Founder

Languages: Portuguese, English, Norwegian and a bit of Spanish

Franco first came to Norway in 2010 as a whitewater rafting guide & safety kayaker. In 2011, he landed in Voss, where he quickly discovered the incredible and vastly varied opportunities the surrounding nature had to offer. As an experienced paraglider, mountain biker, skier, whitewater kayaker and certified yoga teacher, he knew he could use his background in fitness and adventure sports to help others use their bodies to discover Voss the same way he did.

With over 23 years spent in the outdoor sports industry, he leads the team with a diverse array of knowledge and tools to ensure that the adventures we offer bring nothing but smiles, laughter, and a desire to learn more.

Nick Golubs

Nick Golubs

Account Executive

Languages: English, Danish and a bit of Russian

Nick brings a dynamic blend of enthusiasm and strategic vision to his role as Account Executive at Outdoor Norway. With a keen eye for opportunity and a passion for fostering meaningful connections, Nick is dedicated to driving growth and innovation within our team.

Energized by the prospect of expanding our commercial reach and nurturing strong customer and partner relationships, Nick is committed to pioneering new and exciting products that resonate with our audience.

Nick believes that Outdoor Norway is not just in the business of selling experiences; rather, it's about crafting dreams, fostering happiness, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among adventurers. Drawn to the company's captivating philosophy, the purposeful nature of the work, and the vibrant team that constitutes Outdoor Norway. Nick is excited to contribute his talents to our shared mission.


Ruben Johansen Davidsen profile rounded


Operations Assistant Manager

Languages: Norwegian, English,  and Kayakish

From a small Norwegian town, known primarily for its famous wool sweaters, hails team member Ruben. A natural born leader who has been in a kayak since the age of 14, there is no other place in the world where he feels more at home. Ask him why he loves the sport and he will tell you for the community and the thrill. But in his heart, his affection for water comes from its simple ability to take the paddler to some of the most beautiful, peaceful, and untouched natural places.

With a network of priceless paddle-buddies at his back, a fueling half-liter of yogurt in his belly, and a river of clarity flowing through his mind, Ruben displays a genuine desire to do nothing more than to share the one true love of his life with as many other people as possible.

Nicholas short hair Profile pic

Nicholas Kylilis

Ski & Rafting Guide

Languages: Swedish & English

Nicholas brings boundless energy and expertise to Outdoor Norway. Hailing from Sweden, his adventure journey began with a diverse background in hospitality and forestry, culminating in certifications as an international mountain and river guide, ski instructor, and wilderness first aider.

As a seasoned rafting guide, Nicholas ensures thrilling yet safe experiences on Norway's rivers. His passion for skiing also shines through as he leads unforgettable backcountry excursions, navigating pristine snowscapes with precision and enthusiasm.

Nicholas's bilingual proficiency in Swedish and English enhances guest interactions, making every adventure with him seamless and memorable. Join us in welcoming Nicholas, and let's explore the wild wonders of Norway together!

Leiv Rønning

Leiv Rønning

Expedition Guide

Languages: Norwegian & English

Whether it's summer or winter, he is always eager to lead people on epic outdoor adventures. Born in Trondheim to a family of nature enthusiasts, he developed a profound connection with the outdoors. As an authentic Norwegian, regardless of the weather, Leiv is ever-ready for an adventure.

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Outdoor Education, Leiv possesses the expertise to guide a range of activities. His infectious smile reflects his constant motivation to guide guests, ensuring they have an absolute blast.

Join Leiv for a memorable outdoor experience that combines passion, knowledge, and a commitment to adventure.

Mohan Rana

Mohan Rana

Whitewater River Guide

Languages: Nepali, English and a little bit of Hindi

What do you like most about your work?

It’s exciting and raw. It takes you down to your most primal level, especially when you’re on a Class 3 or 4 rapid. At that level, there is real excitement and more fun involved and when you come together as a team and work through a tough spot, there’s an awesome feeling of camaraderie and accomplishment.

George Snook

George Snook

Rafting Guide

Languages: English

I grew up on the Kaituna River in New Zealand. Kayaking was my main passion, but rafting allows me to gain extra river skills, travel the world, and experience new rivers and epic places. It's fantastic to be able to work on the river with great people every day. After traveling to Voss in previous years, I was determined to come back and experience the full summer season. Outdoor Norway offers a vast variety of tours, which means I get to work in lots of cool places each week. In addition to providing us with epic jobs, Outdoor Norway encourages and supports my personal kayaking goals. With the crew we have this year, there are always people to go for after-work laps with!

Waterfall in the voss forest
River Rafting in the rundal river
Jumping over the waterfall of river raundal
pic 1

Gabe Stone

Rafting Guide

Languages: English

I grew up in a small town in the south island of New Zealand spending lots of my time hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. This triggered my passion for the outdoors and the feeling that it should be shared with all. I went on to study at Tai Poutini Polytechnic on the west coast of New Zealand for two years which provided the skills and techniques to share my passion with others. I have been working rafting and kayaking for multiple seasons in New Zealand and Norway as well as a season in Chile and Argentina.
I chose to work for outdoor Norway as I believe they have very similar values to me and are focused on sharing what I find fun with as many people as possible.

Gabe doing rafting in rudal river
Gabe falling into waterfall
Gabe rafting through waterfall
Gabe with Canoe
pic 2

Daniel Kirk

MTB Leader &  Rock Climbing Instructor

Languages: English

Passionate about facilitating personal growth & friendships that only outdoor experiences can bring. The harder the experience, the more we see each other and ourselves for what we really are. Creating lifelong friendships and confidence.

Previously an engineer holding a Higher National Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Found a new direction in life after being asked to volunteer for my local Scouts Centre. Moved to Wales and with the help of Plas Y Brennan acquired the Certifications to make the vision a reality. Gaining a wide variety of skills working across the UK, moving to Voss, Norway is next level. 

Daniel Kirk Action Photo 3
Daniel Kirk Action Photo 1
Daniel Kirk Action Photo 2
Daniel Kirk Action Photo 4



We are an adventure company based in Voss, The Adrenaline Capital of Norway!

We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic guides with a personal commitment to professionalism, safety and exceptional customer service to join our team this summer. Outdoor Norway guides enjoy working in a team environment, leading, instructing or coaching a variety of outdoor activities and courses that create memorable experiences for our guests.

Our outdoor playground is located between the two biggest and most pretty fjords in Norway.