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Voss outdoor center


The Voss Outdoor Center is a unique offering that caters to both the local community and travelers. Positioned in front of Fleischer’s Hotel and in proximity to the town center, it provides an excellent opportunity to indulge in outdoor training and explore nature’s beauty during summer.

Outdoor Norway is dedicated to serving the local community, and this product is designed to benefit the people of Voss Herald by providing easy access to equipment and creating a pleasant workout atmosphere.

Voss is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, and our Outdoor Centre is committed to enabling individuals to experience the outdoors in new and exciting ways. Regardless of age, we have activities suitable for all residents.

If you are looking to make outdoor activities a regular part of your routine and use our equipment frequently, we recommend purchasing our 3-month membership as it is the most cost-effective option. Alternatively, you can opt for monthly payments.

You can purchase your memberships at our summer base located by Vangsvatnet. Don’t wait any longer; become a member today and enjoy the advantages that come with it.


Adult = kr. 600,00

Student = kr. 540,00 (18+ and enrolled on education)

Youth = kr. 480,00 (13 to 17 years old)

Child = kr. 420,00 (05 to 12 years old)

Family, monthly plan  = kr. 1.750,00 (2 Adults + 2 children/youth residing at the same address)


MEMBERSHIP PRICE | Quarterly plan

Three months in a row, one payment fee.

Adult = kr. 1.340,00

Student = kr. 1.134,00 (18+ and enrolled on education)

Youth = kr. 1.008,00 (13 to 17 years old)

Child = kr. 882,00 (05 to 12 years old)

Family = kr. 3.999,00  (2 Adults + 2 children/youth residing at the same address)




Minimum age 4 accompanied by parents

AGE AND COMPANION REQUIREMENTS For the safety of our younger members, those aged 13 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult to participate in our activities. Parents must also sign a waiver form before the kids start the activity.

Able to Swim

Please inform us of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, etc.

Weather limitations: It’s a good activity on a sunny or rainy day.

Limitations apply to strong wind forecasts; the activities may be cancelled or postponed.



You can walk into our Outdoor Centre and participate in an activity.

 To request that equipment be available at a specific time, you will be granted a booking reservation code so you can reserve the equipment for the slot time you want.


At our outdoor base, we offer high-quality equipment for Stand-up Paddleboarding and Sea Kayaking. You can paddle straight from our base on the waterfront.

STANDUP PADDLE BOARD KIT: Standup paddle board; SUP paddle; PFD (Life-jacket); Splash jacket if needed; Wetsuit included and recommended to use during the early and late in the season.

SEA KAYAK KIT: Paddle; sprayskirt; PFD (Life jacket); splash jacket; bilge pump; paddle leash.

SAFETY FIRST: Our dedicated staff will not only introduce you to essential paddling techniques but also ensure your safety with comprehensive safety instructions before your first departure in the water.


VALUE FOR MONEY: As a member, you can enjoy significant savings with our various benefits, including generous discounts on our courses for river kayaking, mountain biking, and River SUP, with a 10% reduction on the fee.

MOUNTAIN BIKE:  "Unlock thrilling adventures with our Enduro Mountain Bike or Electric Enduro MTB and enjoy an incredible 50% discount. The ride of a lifetime awaits!"

GONDOLA: Additionally, you can get a 10% discount on a one-way gondola ride for a bike trip.



April 27th to May 31st
8:00 am until 6:00 pm, daily

From June 1st until August 31st
8:00 am until 6:00 pm, daily

September 1st to October 12th
8:00 am until 6:00 pm, daily

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