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Voss Guided Hiking Tours

Discover our Hiking Trips in Norway

Voss is Outdoor Norway's base of operations precisely because it is so stunningly beautiful. With fjords, forests, rivers, mountains, and just about everything else an avid adventurer dreams of, Voss offers the ultimate hiking tour in Norway and we're extremely excited to invite you on the experiences you'll find below.

Our Voss Norway hiking tours have been designed to help you get the most out of the immense landscapes, but they also come with access to the hidden paths that only locals and trained expert guides know. If you're looking for a Norway trekking tour, keep scrolling and remember to book early to avoid disappointment. And if you're still looking around for your next outdoor adventure, you might also like to check out our incredible Electric Bike Tours in Voss and our Voss Kayak Tours.


Voss Day Tours with hiking

Multi-day Tours in Voss with hiking