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Exciting rafting adventures for Other GROUP activities

At Outdoor Norway we can provide great river activities for your school, sports or other kids and youth groups on Voss Raundal river and surroundings.

We offer for example a great TRIP ON EPIC GRADE II OR III AT RAUNDAL RIVER . Which is an outstanding, safe and fun adventure to discover the Raundal river in Voss with your school class.

Depending on the group's age we would either go with you on the milder river sections (Grade II) or on the wilder part (Grade III).

Grade II is from age 5

Grade III is from 10 – adult

The perfect tour for bigger school groups or other groups with young kids and youth. 

A video of our water activities is found here WATCH NOW.

We also have a MEGA Team SUP board where between 8-12 kids/youth can be on at the same time. A fun activity for a Team buidling event, because you really need to get and work together when all are literally on board.


On this whitewater rafting tour, you’ll be able to paddle awesome kids and youth friendly rapids in one of the most scenic environments in the world.

Our qualified international guides are certified River Rafting guides will guide through great grade II or III rapids.
We hire the best guides out there, with years of experience in rafting for your safety!

They will provide you safety instructions before and during the tour (on land and on water) and will also teach you some skills you can apply to some future paddle adventures. This tour is suitable for beginners and families with small kids.

You have to paddle and work as a team to navigate down the river.
But there will be opportunities to relax and enjoy the beautiful pools, jump in the water from small cliffs and explore waterfalls along the trip!



The complete tour is 3 hours. We run all very efficient, so you will be on the river for approximately 2 hrs.
Instructions and giving you all the gear is part of the trip.
And our start point for the river is less than 20min drive away from our base!

If you are interested in a guided river rafting tour with your kids and youth group, Just contact us with the contact form below.