Our company. Our values. Your Freedom.

Our vision

Our vision is to foster an appreciation for nature through outdoor adventure activities and bring joy to guests of all ages when learning new skills and enjoying the beauty of Norway.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to deliver low-impact, educational and eco-friendly outdoor travel experiences that provide our guests with unforgettable memories while giving back to the local community.

Our mission

To deliver high-quality outdoor activities and experiences that immerse our guests in the beauty of the natural world through guided tours and outdoor gear rentals.

The focus on sustainability

We focus on providing sustainable travel experiences to protect the beauty and uniqueness of Norway. Recently added to our fleet an electric minivan to reduce pollution and fossil fuel consumption.


Embark on a more sustainable adventure in Norway. Our tours are designed for the least impact on earth as possible and our base is at a privileged location for easy access to the outdoors.

Investing in sustainability

We invest in sustainable tourism practices to protect the biodiversity and cultural heritage in Norway, while providing options for greener tourism.

The standard

The company aim to be a member of the Green Key certification in Norway by making sure our guests have the smallest footprint possible when enjoying the outdoors.

Green key

Green Key is an international eco-label for environmental performance in the tourism industry focused on increasing awareness of sustainable tourism methods and reducing the consumption of resources and energy when traveling.

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