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Voss River kayak course level 2




Would you like to consolidate your whitewater paddling skills and build your confidence?
This course will look at all those elements of the introductory course, however, it assumes paddlers will already have some basic grade 1 whitewater experience. This allows us to start the course on grade 2 and spend plenty of time consolidating these skills so as we can start progressing towards the skills and safety awareness required for starting out on grade 3.

In addition to this the two days will focus on safe river running strategies, whitewater safety and rescue as well as developing your personal paddling skills for whitewater. Getting solid whitewater kayaking skills from our top coaches, there is no better way to improve your paddling and be whitewater confident. The course will begin with a review of skills on moving water, thereafter concentrating on whitewater skills.

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Before taking part in a Novice Course you should:


Have completed a Introductory Whitewater Course or have paddled a kayak in grade 2 whitewater for 5 times or more in the last year period.

  • Be able to paddle in a straight line on flatwater.
  • Be able to ferry glide.
  • Be able to break-in & break-out on grade 2 whitewater.
  • Be comfortable on grade 1 whitewaters


  • Posture, balance, leaning & surfing
  • Effective strokes
  • Grade 1 – 3 paddling: Catching small eddies, paddling with anticipation
  • Reading water, group awareness, scouting & basic throw-rope technique
  • Performing break-ins & break-outs, ferries & linking maneuvers
  • Rolling introduction on both sides & hand rolls
  • As part of this whitewater safety and rescue is essential, there may be an opportunity to look at a variety of aspects of this during the day as well



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Whitewater KAYAK Level 2 – COURSE CONTENT


You will usually be in a group of no more than 4 with one instructor.
Meeting your instructor on the first morning provides an opportunity to discuss people’s experience and aspirations, which along with the weather forecast and water levels will enable us to plan the day’s activities with you.

We will make use of a local Grade 2 river section of river to work on those essential skills and start to progress your paddling. For the next day we will paddle a river that offers us the best water and are at the appropriate grade for the groups needs, it should include some Grade 3.

The weekend could involve the following rivers: Vosso, Raundalselva or Strandaelva.

Whilst on these rivers we will be able to spend time coaching and developing your personal paddling. In addition to this we will be looking at developing your safe river running skills to help you leave the course feeling confident to safely paddle a similar grade of river with friends.

Over the weekend we can help you start to develop a roll or make a roll more efficient, which is an essential skill for any white water paddler.

In addition to this you will benefit from your instructor’s wealth of knowledge of additional whitewater paddling venues around the Norway, and more than likely the rest of the world. Stories will be told and hopefully you will leave inspired and with knowledge to confidently take your paddling to other parts of Norway and beyond.

Grunnkurs i elve kajakk

What to expect

Level 2 whitewater kayak course will add knowledge, inspire confidence and solid technique improvement. We paddle great river around Voss while learning from river lover professionals with a vast international whitewater experience.

River Knowledge 87%
Adrenaline 93%
Improve skills for a lifetime 96%

F.A.Q. – River Kayak course with Outdoor Norway and our answers.


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