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Voss river kayak course Level 3




Have you mastered the basics of whitewater paddling and are ready for the next challenge? The Intermediate Kayak Course is for the paddler who is starting to get to grips with white water.
To get the most out of this course then you should be comfortable on Grade 2 with some experience of Grade 3, a minimum of about ten days paddling on a variety of rivers would be ideal. To have a reliable role is not essential on this course, it will of course help, however, we will be able to help you with your role during the weekend. So if you want two days with plenty of opportunities to paddle Grade 3 and are keen to develop in that environment, then this is the course for you.

Course Aims


This course will provide the paddler with plenty of experience of paddling a variety of Grade 3 rivers, we may also look at paddling harder rivers if the conditions are appropriate and the group ready for it. In addition to this, we’ll focus on river running strategies, whitewater safety, and rescue as well as of course developing your personal paddling on intermediate whitewater.

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Before taking part in a Intermediate Kayak Course you should:

  • Have completed a Novice Course or be confident on grade 2 whitewater.
  • Have paddled on grade 3 whitewater a number of times in the last year period.
  • Be able to confidently perform break-ins & break-outs, catch small eddies and ferry glide on grade 3 whitewater.
  • Be able to roll consistently & confidently on grade 2 whitewater.
  • Be able to safely self-rescue in grade 3 whitewater.


Getting solid whitewater kayaking skills from our top coaches, there is no better way to improve your paddling and be whitewater confident.

The course will begin with a review of skills, thereafter concentrating on grade 3 whitewater skills.


2 days.
16 hours in total, including: Theoretical instruction, gear outfitting, changing time, transport, lunch break.


  1. June 30 and July 1
  2. August 13 and 14
  3. September 17 and 18


  1. July 1 and July 02
  2. August 12 and 13
  3. September 16 and 17

*Send us email to enquiry for special dates.


On the course you will work on:

  • Front and side surfing, 360’s & boofing.
  • Specific creek moves and stroke combinations.
  • Maintaining general awareness.
  • Reverse ferries
  • Fine water reading skills Grade 3 paddling
  • Rolling on both sides & hand rolls
  • Adventure Level: HIGH.





WHITEWATER KAYAK – Novice Course – Level 2

Elvekajak Kurs på Voss



You will usually be in a group of no more than four with one instructor. Meeting your instructor on the first morning provides an opportunity to discuss people’s experience and aspirations, which along with the weather forecast and water levels will enable us to plan the week’s activity with you.

Day one we will help you sort out any boats or paddling gear you need to hire from us, and then we will head off to a local river. There will give a good Grade 2/3 warm up day and enable us to introduce some coaching and safe river running themes.

For the rest of the course we’ll paddle the rivers that offer us the best water and are at the appropriate grade for the group’s needs. This will include plenty of rivers with Grade 3 and could include harder sections if appropriate. The following rivers may be paddled during the week:

Whilst on these rivers we will be able to spend time coaching and developing your personal paddling, there may be an opportunity for video coaching as well. In addition to this we will be looking at developing your river running skills to help you leave the course feeling confident to safely paddle a similar grade of river with friends.

As part of this white water safety and rescue is essential, there will be an opportunity to look at a variety of aspects of this during the two days as well, as is needed.

In addition to this you will benefit from your instructor’s wealth of knowledge of additional whitewater paddling venues around Norway, and more than likely the rest of the world. Stories will be told and hopefully you will leave inspired and with knowledge to confidently take your paddling to other parts of Norway and beyond.

whitewater kayak

What to expect

We offer a kayak course in Norway unlike any other, take a stroll down the Raundal River while learning from river lover professionals with a vast international whitewater experience.

River Knowledge 87%
Adrenaline 93%
Skills to learn for a lifetime 96%

F.A.Q. – River Kayak course with Outdoor Norway and our answers.

Yes you do! Before taking this course you need to pass level 1 and level 2 of whitewater kayaking.

Our experienced Coach always will provide a safety orientation before you get on the water and recommend you the best spots to safely navigate with the kayak.

Yes. For all whitewater programs provided by Outdoor Norway swimming ability is required due to safety reasons.

You do not need to be a swimmer expert but during the course you may go upside down with your kayak and need to exit from the kayak, in that case you should be confident and able to swimming for about 50 meters (approximately) until reach the shoreline or towards the instructor’s kayak.

We provide PFD (Personal Flotation Device, also knowing as life-jacket) but a PFD can not swim by itself.

It is important for us to know if you have a medical condition when you participate on our whitewater kayak course. In this case we can take better care of you and avoid accidents, if any problem happens, our guides are more prepared and can faster solve the problem.

All of our guides are certified whitewater rescuer, they renew their licence every 2-3 years and have a wide variety of experience.

Unfortunately you can not participate on any of our whitewater program if you are

  • not swimmer
  • under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • blind

Please consult us if you have the below so we can evaluate possibilities together:

  • physically or mentally disabled
  • deaf

You might be able to join to our whitewater tours
Please consult us about your medical condition if you have :

  • asthma, epilepsy or diabetes
  • heart condition
  • spine problem (spinal hernia, problem with discs…),
  • had an operation in the last 2 years
  • blood clotting problem
  • any injury in the last 2 years (broken bones, dislocated shoulder..),
  • serious allergy
  • any other medical condition which is not listed above


Please let us know if you need any medicine during the tour, you can take it with you to the river. Our Instructor have a waterproof box for First aid kit, they can put your medicine into it. And last but not least Please inform your Instructor about your medical condition!

We can kayaking as soon as the ice is off the rivers and up until the snow falls again!
Therefore our operational season is from May to the mid of October. If you have a group and wish to learn kayak out of our main season you must inquiry via email to check the activity availability.


Refund Guarantee

If your trip is cancelled due to COVID, choose free between date changes, account credit or full refund.


Your money is safe! Every booking is fully secured and financially protected.

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Find us on the waterfront, close to the Voss Gondola, in front of Fleischer’s Hotel. 
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Whitewater kayak course level 3 - Outdoor Norway
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Getting solid whitewater kayaking skills from our top coaches in Voss, there is no better way to improve your paddling and be whitewater confident.

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