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Snowshoe Tour: A Beginners Guide

A Snowshoe tour is an activity which started thousands of years ago. Back then it was an essential winter transportation for people who lived in remote areas with a lot of snow. 
Now it has evolved into a popular winter activity.

Well ,if you’ve never done it before, you might ask, why and how to go snowshoeing?
We will give you some good reasons:

  • It’s great winter activty: If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape even in the winter time and skiing is not your cup of tea, snowshoeing could be your new thing.  Its an low-impact exercise. It lets you extend your hiking  season while you  can enjoy solitude nature.
  • You only need a few basic techniques: Not a lot outdoor activities are as beginners friendly. Snowshoeing just requires a few easy techniques before you can hit your first trail.
  • it can be a great social activity: different ages and ability levels can enjoy the snowshoe hike together
  • It’s not expensive:  lift-ticket prices for skiing can be very expensive.  Snowshoeing is lower priced, due to you do not nessecarily take a lift up hill. You can start your traila nd hike right where you are. In case you have enough snow in the valley as well.
    Your required gear includes snowshoes and poles are also recommended, but not required.
snowshoe gear
snowshoe gear, shoes and poles

Here are the basics for your first time snowshoeing:

  • Get snowshoes that are right for your weight, the terrain and the snow conditions
  • Wear warm, waterproof boots
  • check that your socks and shoes fit well. Wear something that keeps ypur feet comfortably dry and warm. Insulated, waterproof winter boots, thick soles are perfect. Waterproof leather hiking boots can be an alternative.
  • Always dress in layers. Norwegian swear on thin wool as underlayer and min 30% wool in your socks.
  • carry an extra pair of socks, in case your others get soaked.
  • Use adjustable poles with snow baskets 
  • We reccomend to may use gaiters too. They keep snow out of your boots. For deep powder, you would need a high one with waterproof/breathable fabric.
  • Maybe even consider join a guided tour before you go off on own adventures.

Snowshoe tour off trails ?

 You don’t  have to stick to trails when snowshoeing. Even it will be easier on your first few tours to stick to trail!
Sometimes you will share  a trail with cross-country skiers. Especially here in Norway, where that sport is big!

Do NOT step on the ski tracks on those trails or crosscountry tracks. Snowshoesruin the smooth skate-skiing surface in the center of trails, so walking at the outer edge of the trail is always best.

Skiers also have the right-of-way on trail systems because it’s easier for a snowshoer to step off the trail safely than it is for a skier to stop or go around. 

snowshoes tour

Snowshoeing Tour in Norway

Our guided Snowshoeing Tour is a perfect recreational activity to step out of monotonous routine, indulge in the beauty of forests and mountains, experience rejuvenating solitude and learn more about winter habitats.
Our company offers tours is in and around Voss, Norway. 

Our Snowshoeing Safety Tips

  • Stay within the limits of your skills and knowledge
  • Check weather conditions, the environment and your gear before you go
  • Use established trails in the beginning , a lot of  ski areas have them.
  • Using  trails keep you closer to potential help, in case of an accident and reduces the risk from avalanches.
  • Avoid snowshoeing alone whenever possible!
  • Always take a charged mobile phone
  • Regardless of your group’s size, always let someone home or at the hotel know where you plan to go and when you’ll be back 
  • stick to your tour plan
  • dont be afraid to turn around in case conditions change
snowshoe tour uphill