Outdoor Norway’s core value is to help people reconnect with nature. Yet another core value of ours, one that often gets lost in the excitement and stoke of our tours, is our desire to help people reconnect with themselves. Why? Simple. We believe that when we are in tune with our minds and bodies, we are best able to curate an existence with more direction, purpose and love.

To many, the art of slowing down is not only hard to achieve, but hard to accept. From a young age we are taught that success is measured in money and with things. So our lives are spent speeding along an endless highway, believing that one day we will eventually reach the end, a place that finally allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Yet what many of us fail to realize is that it is not the destination, but the journey, that we should be paying attention to. Somewhere between endless productivity and pressures, we have lost the ability to slow down and reflect on the lives we are speeding through.

To help you slow down, we have created a five-day summer yoga adventure package, to open the door towards living a life with more awareness. Awareness that brings more gratitude for the things we have, the people we love, and the legacy we want to leave behind. By combining quality time in nature with the grounding properties of yoga, we aim to realign your compass so after you leave, you can walk confidently in a direction with a redefined passion and purpose.

Located between Norway’s two largest fjords, Voss is known around the world for the thrill-seekers it draws each year. Yet this quiet mountain town, home to beautiful lakes, green valleys, snow-capped mountains and blue rivers, also is the perfect refuge for those looking for a few days of rest, to be embraced by the healing power of nature.


Over the course of this adventure package, yoga will be the main thread that ties everything together. Besides the nature-based activity that has been planned each day, we will also have a daily one-hour yoga session that focuses on a particular theme/intention. We will combine flows with open dialogues and breathing exercises.

  • DAY ONE: FJORD – your 5-day yoga journey begins with the sun as we meet at Basecamp to wake up our minds and bodies with a gentle flow. After stretching out, it is time for a classic sea kayaking tour on the Nærøyfjord. Here you will find incredible views of cascading waterfalls, unique nature and wildlife, and historic farms that have been clinging to the mountainside for centuries. Along the way we will make a couple of stops to enjoy not only snacks and refreshments, but to photograph some of the area’s most iconic landscapes. A full day of quiet, peace and tranquility in Norway’s iconic fjord region before returning to Voss and checking into your accommodation (8 hours total incl. transportation).Nærøyfjord is an arm of the Sognefjord or Sognefjorden, which is the largest and best known fjord in Norway and the second longest in the world.
  • DAY TWO: MOUNTAIN – After breakfast, your day begins with the sun as we meet at Basecamp to wake up our minds and bodies with a gentle flow. Afterwards, we head off to hike the well-known Mt. Oksen: standing a little over 1,200 meters above sea level. The trail begins in Tjoflot and winds its way nearly 1000 meters vertically from the car park through steep forest, before opening up and offering views of the surrounding fjords and mountains. The top offers a 360 degree panorama picture of Samlafjorden, Sørfjorden, Eidfjorden and Granvinsfjorden, as well as Norway’s third largest glacier: Folgefonna. The day will end back at your accommodation where you will have the rest of the day at leisure. (8 hours total incl. transportation).
  • DAY THREE: LAKE – After enjoying a fresh and local breakfast, you will meet at Basecamp to experience Voss from a different perspective. With a uniquely challenging SUP Board yoga class, you will challenge your mind and body as me move through a simple flow that engages muscles often unused. Afterwards, you will have the rest of the day at leisure. We will suggest you stay out on your SUP board for a bit longer to explore the lake’s shoreline, admiring the small life that finds refuge there, as well as experiencing the stunningly clear water that flows in from the Vosso River. Whenever you retire the SUP Board, you will have the rest of the day to use at your own leisure.
  • DAY FOUR: FOREST – After breakfast, the adventure of the day begins with a mountain biking trip on some of Voss’s most beloved single track. With three options available for your two-wheeled activity, anyone, no matter their skill level, can get to experience an aspect of Voss’s mountain bike scene in comfort and style with our full suspension Cube bikes. After returning to basecamp and heading back to your accommodation for some leisure time, we will reconvene at your hotel to send off the sun with an active flow. (4 hours total)
  • DAY FIVE: RIVER– your final day will take you to the magnificent Raundal River. Here, in the morning, you and the birds will explore Norwegian nature from an inflatable raft while learning new skills, challenging yourself, and working as a team. Known as a northern European mecca for whitewater kayaking, the river offers playful sections for rafters looking to enjoy grade III rapids. The sweat you build up while paddling will be rewarded with cooling swims in the clear river pools and waterfalls found along the way. Later that afternoon, back at your accommodation, we will close out your Voss adventure with a final restorative yoga session. Together we will recount the days we shared, what we will take away, and the energy we have gained to return to our lives with a renewed sense of direction.



At Outdoor Norway, our aim is to ensure your entire experience with us, from the moment you book your Adventure Holiday to the moment you set foot back on home turf, is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Which is why we’ve put in place – and stand firmly behind – the following Peace-of-Mind Policies, with the goal of maximising your happiness and minimising your worries:


If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Outdoor Norway experience, let us know the reason(s) and we’ll give you a free tour. It’s that simple.


Once you book your spot(s), you’re going! This allows you the freedom to start looking for flights and make other arrangements right away. Contrary to many other tour operators, we will never cancel a trip due to low numbers or other passenger cancellations.


After putting down a deposit, you can cancel at any point during the first 14 days after booking and get a 100% refund. This buys you 2 weeks to sort out flights, vacation time, etc. and not have to worry about someone else taking your spot(s).


Our Lifetime Deposit allows any of our Clients forced to delay a departure or wanting to switch tour package

altogether the ability to apply their initial deposit towards a later scheduled date or another Person at no extra charge. As long as you give us 90 days notice, your deposit will be good forever, whether you use it for the same trip or transfer it to another one. A Lifetime Deposit has no expiration date and can be used for any departure – provided room is still available.

Simply put, we want to ensure you can enjoy the Outdoor Norway experience you want, at a time that works best for you.

A Lifetime Deposit is also transferable, meaning that you can transfer your deposit to another Friend as a gift.

For full details on our Peace of Mind Policies and Lifetime Deposit policy, please CLICK HERE.

Note: Any cancellations made within 90 days of the scheduled departure will be treated as a passenger cancellation, in which case the entire payment, including deposit will be forfeited and cannot be applied to another departure. We highly recommend you purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance. We allow one transfer of your Lifetime Deposit deposit, if you choose to transfer a second time, there is a kr. 3.500 transfer fee.


  • Guide
  • Equipment
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Yoga mat
  • Transportation (from hotel to activity sites and back)
  • 5 nights of accommodation
  • 5 Breakfasts
  • 5 packed lunch + snacks
  • 4 Dinners
  • Drinking water


  • Accident/travel insurance


Prices are stated in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

  • 1  person: 23.400kr per person
  • 2 – 3 people: 22.230kr per person
  • 4+ people: 21.060kr per person

Minimum age is 16 years old.
You must be able to swim and ride a bike.
Please inform us of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy etc.


21 June 2021

19 July 2021

09 August 2021

19 June 2022

17 July 2022

07 August 2022


For Sea Kayaking, River Rafting & SUP Boarding:

  • Bathing suit or thermal underwear if you tend to get cold (no cotton)
  • Waterproof bag for food, water

For Mountain Biking/Cycling:

  • Comfortable clothes suitable for biking (including a wind/waterproof jacket)
  • Sturdy/grippy sneakers
  • Small backpack for water and snacks

For Hiking:

  • Hiking boots or trail runners
  • Wind/waterproof jacket
  • Layers in case you get hot or cold
  • Small backpack for food, snacks, water and camera

For each day in general:

  • Lunch, snacks and water
  • Sunscreen / Sunglasses
  • Yoga mat (if you prefer to use your own)

Ready to get your adventure started? Send an email to [email protected] with your requested date(s) and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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