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Feb 16, 2024 2:15:13 PM

A Norwegian adventure and how to get in shape for it!

Embark a nowegian adventure! Mountain bike tours or ski adventures in Norway are challenge worth taking, but not without getting into shape first

Written by: Marcio Franco

Norwegian Adventure vacations can be an opportunity for the more rugged travelers to push their boundaries, explore new landscapes, and go on a journey of self-discovery. There’s often a moment that occurs when you’re face to face with a challenge, whether that be a technical trail, large rapid, or steep climb in front of you. With only your own four limbs to help you through it, it is the perfect place to test your own limits and strength.

That’s why we always encourage people who walk through our doors to challenge themselves with the opportunities we provide them. An adventure vacation is about developing a relationship with yourself and your body, on top of getting outside into nature.

But before you truly invest yourself into an adventure experience in Norway, we recommend that your body is a bit ready to cope. Whether you’ve signed up for a mountain bike tour or a Ski tour in Norway, Norway; you’ll no doubt be facing challenges that you should have prepared for.

Always Read the Provided Information

The best way to prepare for a specific kind of activity is to start with the information that we provide you. With all of our challenging tours and trips, we make sure to list everything you’ll need and the kind of skill level that’s ideal.

For example, our Enduro cycling tour page has a complete fitness and skill rating system provided that will help you determine whether your abilities can carry you through the adventure you’ll have.

Make Sure You Target Your Training

Just because you work out or have a generally high fitness level, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to start skiing or biking through rough mountain trails. Without endurance and stamina training on the regular, you may not be able to keep up during a challenging trek or ride.

Make sure you incorporate bike riding, mountain climbing or other forms of stamina and resistance training to build up all the different muscles that get activated when navigating uneven, steep and rocky terrain. By adding specific targeted activities into your routine, you’ll also gain an intuitive sense of how to move and react to challenges in the moment.


Your Habits Matter Too!

It’s not enough just to exercise or create a fitness plan! Not only do you have to follow it to a T, you also need to make sure that your vices aren’t affecting your health. Tobacco products or smoking of any kind will make it harder for you to breathe fully and openly, which has an impact on how well you can cope with the demands of the trail.


Similarly, avoiding the junk food and maximizing your plant-based intake will give you a balanced diet  that is the key to staying in good shape. Most importantly, be sure to do it slowly and safely. If you feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard or the final goal is too difficult, it’s okay to take a step back and pursue an easier adventure itinerary instead!


At Outdoor Norway, we want to bring wholesome and positive experiences to people with all kinds of abilities. Our beginner trail bike rides or kayak adventures are perfect examples of tour that sit at the less-challenging end of the spectrum. River canoe can be seen as an easier task or adventure too due to you are navigating to river sections on a milder rapid level.
 All you need is the right kind of attitude and an interest in immersing yourself into nature for a transformative journey.

And Norwegian adventures can be done all year around. Every season is special on its own!

Marcio Franco
Marcio Franco

Chief Director of Good Times, Franco first came to Norway in 2010 as a rafting guide & safety kayaker. In 2011 he landed in Voss, where he quickly discovered the incredible and vastly varied opportunities the surrounding nature had to offer. As an experienced International tandem paraglider pilot, professional whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, skier, and certified yoga teacher, he knew he could use his background in fitness to help others use their bodies to discover Voss the same way he did. With over 23 years spent in the outdoor sports industry, he leads the team with a diverse array of knowledge and tools to ensure that the adventures we offer bring nothing but smiles, laughter, and a desire to learn more.