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"What a unique road trip, something worth experiencing for any winter sport enthusiast!"

Norway, a safe and secluded Scandinavian country, is Europe's true undiscovered powder paradise for skiers and boarders alike. Mountains with fewer crowds, incredible views overlooking massive fjords, and endless amounts of pristine wilderness, create a ski experience like no other. Join us on a great winter ski trip in Norway to explore this last frontier of culture, nature and wilderness.

Easy to advanced slopes  Professional guide 
Multiple unique resorts  Beautiful Fjord region vistas



This 9-day road and ski trip starts by the fjords and guides you through spectacular landscapes of Western Norway, aka Fjord Norway.
A spectacular skiing holiday to explore snowy powder mountain, norwegian culture and nature.”

Norway has so far been able to stay a hidden secret on the global radar for ski destinations. This has led to a unique environment, where mountains are with fewer crowds, more fresh powder, and filled with a seemingly endless amount of pristine wilderness experiences.

Join us for a skiing holiday to explore this last frontier of culture, nature and more.

Our 9-day road trip starts in Bergen, otherwise known as the Gateway to the Fjords. From here we travel through the spectacular landscapes of Western Norway – a varying nature that combines scenic farmland, vast plateaus, towering mountains and crystal clear rivers.




Feb - Apr


37 850 NOK

Guide + accommodation + ski pass



9 days


Intermediate to Advanced


Experience in powder skiing


This tour is suitable for intermediate and advanced backcountry skiers with satisfactory fitness.


the Powder Highway

Voss - Where Winter Dreams Take Flight

Nestled in one of Norway's snowiest regions, Voss beckons with an abundance of backcountry ski terrain, ensuring a prolonged and spectacular winter season. Dive into the thrill of untouched slopes and pristine landscapes, navigating through the captivating backcountry. Experience the serenity of little traffic as you immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the surroundings. Voss caters to every adventurer, offering diverse terrain types tailored to skill levels and preferences. Carve your way through snowy expanses where every ascent unveils breath-taking vistas, and every descent is a journey into nature's pristine beauty. Welcome to Voss – where the thrill of backcountry skiing meets the tranquility of an untouched winter paradise.

Myrkdalen - Your Blissfully Uncrowded Haven

For an active skiing holiday, look no further than Myrkdalen! This Mountain Resort offers quiet slopes for beginners and untracked off-piste adventures for the daring. Established in 2003, it has grown into one of Western Norway's largest and most complete ski resorts. With a snow-sure season from December to May, Myrkdalen boasts some of the best powder snow terrain in Norway. Embrace the tranquility of uncrowded slopes and explore the adventure that awaits in the heart of Myrkdalen.

Sogndal - A Skiing Haven for All

Sogndal skisenter Hodlekve welcomes skiers and snowboarders of all levels to its slopes, offering plentiful snowfall and a warm welcome. With generally quiet slopes, this resort is also perfect for families with kids. Boasting 5 ski lifts, 13 slopes, and an additional 25 km of weekend-molded mountain slopes, Sogndal provides a variety of skiing experiences. The allure of off-piste skiing adds an adventurous edge, making Sogndal an ideal destination for winter enthusiasts.

Stranda - Powder Paradise in Western Norway

Discover the charm of Stranda, a small yet unique place celebrated as the powder skier's choice in Western Norway. Stranda Ski Resort, with its 7 ground-based lifts and 20 slopes, satisfies visitors from around the world. Renowned for its guaranteed snowy environment, Stranda often sees 50 cm of fresh powder in a single day during the season. Embrace the uniqueness of Stranda Ski Resort, where each visit promises a memorable powder-filled experience.

Certified guides

Embark on your adventure with confidence as our certified professionals, boasting years of invaluable experience, lead the way. Our guides are not only experts in their field but also passionate about providing you with a memorable and safe journey. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a novice explorer, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is not only thrilling but also filled with insights and knowledge.


For Ski roadtrip in Norway


Day 1 – Arrive in Bergen, welcome tour, transfer to Voss, check-in.
Day 2 – Full day of skiing at Voss Resort.
Day 3 – Full day of skiing at Voss Resort.
Day 4 – Transfer to Myrkdalen, check-in, enjoy a full day of skiing at Myrkdalen Resort.
Day 5 – Full day of skiing at Myrkdalen Resort.
Day 6 – Transfer to Sogndal, enjoy a half-day of skiing at Sogndal Resort. Transfer to Stranda, check-in.
Day 7 – Full day of skiing at Stranda Resort.
Day 8 – Full day of skiing at Stranda Resort.
Day 9 – Transfer to Ålesund farewell tour, drop off at Vigra Airport. We hope your ski trip in Norway is fully loaded with great memories.

Guest requirements

  • Confident on skis
  • Good physical health

Before your trip, please inform us or your guide of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, etc.

What to bring with you

If you’re in need of equipment see our rental offers table below or please contact our staff to discuss the rental options in our area. Otherwise, minimum gear requirements include:

  • Ski boots, poles & helmet
  • Avalanche safety kit (transceiver, shovel, probe)
  • Personal backpack 
    (items above you can rent from us, prices below)
  • Shell jacket with hood (water & windproof)
  • Shell pants or bibs
  • Down or synthetic jacket
  • Mid-layer sweater or vest (if its too cold)
  • Base layers, wool is best
  • Gloves, hat, socks, goggles & sunglasses for the hiking up if is a sunny day


 ✔️ Guide
 ✔️ 5 dinners
 ✔️ Transportation
 ✔️ 8 nights of accommodation including breakfast

 ❌ Lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks
 ❌ Accident/travel insurance


With multiple days spent skiing out in the cold Norwegian mountains, it is important to have comfortable accommodations that will provide you with a good night’s rest.

This is why we have teamed up with some of the best hotels and lodges to ensure that your time indoors provides you with ample amenities for well-deserved relaxation. This includes Wi-Fi, TV, laundry, and on-site spa facilities.


Breakfast is included in the tour package. 

Lunches can either be bought at grocery stores in town or at ski resort restaurants (€15-€25).

Dinners included in 5 nights and three other nights we go out to explore the local restaurants to experience the Norwegian cosy little towns. The cost run at approx. €17 – €28 Euros per dinner in the local restaurants.

Please note that tap water in Norway is some of the cleanest in the world – please refrain from purchasing bottled water.


Airfare is not included in this package and will need to be booked separately by the individual. Many airlines fly to Bergen including KLMDelta, SAS, Norwegian Air, Iceland Air, and Qatar Airways

Guests will be picked up at Bergen Flesland International Airport exclusively on Day 1 and dropped off at Ålesund Vigra Airport exclusively on Day 9.

All other transportation and/or transfers during the trip between the initial pick-up and final drop-off are included.

Ålesund has daily flights to cities across Norway, whether you are looking to extend your trip, or head back home. We recommend looking into SAS, Norwegian Air and Widerøe for the most affordable connecting flights from Ålesund to Bergen or to Oslo.


  • 2nd February to 10th February 2024
  • 15th February to 23rd February 2024 – 5 spots left
  • 24th February to 3rd March 2024
  • 29th March to 6th April 2024

Would you like a private, customised ski tour outside of the dates listed above? Complete the inquiry form located below on this page, and inform us regarding your choices.

We'll hand-craft an itinerary specifically suited to your wishes and needs.




Our Lifetime Guarantee allows any of our Clients forced to delay a departure or wanting to switch tour packages altogether the ability to apply their initial deposit towards a later scheduled date or another Person at no extra charge. As long as you give us 61 days’ notice, your deposit will be good forever, whether you use it for the same trip or transfer it to another one. A Lifetime Guarantee has no expiration date and can be used for any departure – provided room is still available, and the accommodation availability you are welcome to join in another departure.

Simply put, we want to ensure you can enjoy the Outdoor Norway experience you want, at a time that works best for you.

A Lifetime Guarantee is also transferable, meaning that you can transfer your deposit to another Friend as a gift or for a fee, it's up to you.


Any cancellations made within 60 days of the scheduled departure will be treated as a passenger cancellation, in which case the entire payment, will be forfeited and cannot be applied to another departure. Please see our cancellation terms and conditions for Multiday tours.

We highly recommend you purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance for your safety. On this way, are covered inside the 60 days prior departure 

We allow one transfer of your Lifetime Guarantee deposit, if you choose to transfer a second time, there is a kr. 4.500 transfer fee.


Still have questions?


When does your season start and end?

We begin skiing once the snow blankets the mountains, and we keep at it until the snow tapers off! Typically, this spans from early December to late April, but it's entirely up to Mother Nature!

What should I bring with me for a ski tour?

Before your activity, you will receive a detailed list of recommended items to bring, including appropriate clothing and gear for the activity. This typically encompasses recommended clothing and gear such as:

Ski jacket and pants, hardshell, gloves, hat, hiking boots
Woolen underlayers and socks
Snacks & water
Skin protection against cold

Do I need to be physically fit to go skiing?

We suggest that all our guests have good physical health for skiing activities.

If you have any medical concerns but still wish to go skiing, we advise consulting with your doctor beforehand for your safety. Remember to always ski according to your own skill and fitness level.

Do any of the skiing trips cater to seniors?

Our winter tours have no maximum age limit; as long as you're physically fit, and you are enthusiastic, you're welcome to join!

Can I bring my own gear, such as skis or a helmet?

Yes, but only if they have a touring binding that enables releasing the heel for uphill hiking using skins.

Will using a split-board affect performance?

No, in powder, most riders don't experience a performance drop compared to a solid board. However, on hard, icy snow, there's certainly a noticeable difference.

Is this tour suitable for snowboarders?

Yes, it is!

You'll need to hike uphill using snowshoes and carry the board on your backpack with sturdy straps and attachment points.

We highly recommend split-snowboards as they're much more efficient for the ascent.

Should I tip my guide?

Tipping isn't customary in Norway, as it is e.g. in the USA. Our guides put in considerable effort to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and safe, maintaining the high standards set by Outdoor Norway.

While tipping is recognized as a standard practice in the industry and is always welcomed, it's never an obligation. It's entirely up to your discretion whether you choose to leave a tip. Your appreciation for the service provided is greatly valued either way.

Do I need to sign a waiver?


Upon joining any activity, a waiver acknowledging risks must be read and signed. For minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign the waiver.

Meeting point

Bergen Airport 

address: Flyplassvegen 555

5258 Bergen


Meeting point inside the airport: After you retrieve your luggage, there is a security check. Your guide will be there waiting for you with a signage post with our company name: