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Oct 4, 2023 2:42:00 PM voss heart of Fjord Norway

Voss: Why You’re in for the Experience of a Lifetime

Voss is between Norway’s two largest fjords. Surrounded by rivers and mountains,it offers one of the best white water rafting, kayak and canoe trips

Written by: Marcio Franco

Voss is Hometown for adventures and adrrenalin.

Norway itself is known around the world for the incredible fjords that call the country home. 
Originating from glaciers, these water bodies also shape the land around them, with some regions having been left with jagged mountains, and others with green, vast valleys. Voss is one of them!

What exactly are fjords?

Fjords are a body of water formed from a glacier, draining into the sea or a lake. They are deep, narrow, and elongated, and often found in valleys or down mountainsides and hills, which is why they’re typically surrounded by steep land on various sides.

Fjords can date back to the ice ages, which is why many of them have shaped the landscape significantly. The land around these fjords is incredibly scenic and makes for stunning views and plenty of opportunities to enjoy being in nature.

Underwater, you have barriers that form to build ‘sea thresholds’. The quiet serenity associated with these extensions of the sea is why they’re so interesting for visitors! Outdoor Norway gives you a chance to get close to these magnificent feats of nature with our outdoor tours and activities.

Fjord tours

Sign up for a fjord kayaking tour and we will take you through Norway’s most iconic fjords, including the Sognefjord and the Nærøyfjord, the latter being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

calm fjord kayak

With the quiet simplicity of a kayak, our guides will take you through some of the most wonderful landscapes leaving you with memories to last a lifetime. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and mountainside farms, you’ll be transported to a different world, also seen during our gorgeous sea kayak tour of Sognefjord, where you will glide through water over 4000 ft. deep.


If you haven’t experienced the thrill and excitement of going paragliding, you’re truly missing out. Voss is a center for paragliding in Norway, offering you a variety of opportunities to give it a try. There is no need to have any prior experience – we will make sure to assign you only the best guides will be by your side ensuring a safe and fun experience.

Rafting in Voss

Rafting is a great activity when visiting Norway. You find several great rivers in this country where outdoor companies offer rafting on. 
In  Voss we do our rafting on the Raundal River.

You are in for a wet adventure with spectacular view of the canyon you are rafting in.

Rafting in Voss is not just for adrenalin junkies. You find also a milder tour, called often called family rafting, with smaller rapids suitable for families with kids or people who want to try rafting but aren’t interested in the wildest ride right from the start.

Rental Equipment

While we have talked at length about our tours, Outdoor Norway also provides rental equipment as an affordable alternative for those looking for shorter adventures. Whether you’ve got prior experience or not, it’s always a great way to enjoy a couple of hours out in nature. Are you just passing through or have only have a limited amount of free time? We got you covered with lake kayaks, SUP boards and Mountain bike tour in Norway.

Mountain Bike in Voss
Marcio Franco
Marcio Franco

Chief Director of Good Times, Franco first came to Norway in 2010 as a rafting guide & safety kayaker. In 2011 he landed in Voss, where he quickly discovered the incredible and vastly varied opportunities the surrounding nature had to offer. As an experienced International tandem paraglider pilot, professional whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, skier, and certified yoga teacher, he knew he could use his background in fitness to help others use their bodies to discover Voss the same way he did. With over 23 years spent in the outdoor sports industry, he leads the team with a diverse array of knowledge and tools to ensure that the adventures we offer bring nothing but smiles, laughter, and a desire to learn more.