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SEA KAYAK – Nærøyfjord – Guided tour

Explore the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Park – NÆRØYFJORD.
Paddle along waterfalls, idyllic farms and mountain views.
The passage through Nærøyfjord is one of the most dramatic fjord trips in the world.

Quality Equipment Kayaks made in Germany
 Beautiful views Professional Guide 


2023-FJORD KAYAK-13 

Explore the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Park – Nærøyfjord in Norway. We take you to places only accessible by kayak.
Our guide will ensure that you have an unforgettable time!

This tour is designed to show you most of the UNESCO World Heritage Park as possible. We explore historic areas of the Nærøyfjord, which for centuries, have been playing an important role linking western and central Norway together.


As one of the world’s most beautiful and dramatic fjords, Nærøyfjord made its spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Fjord kayaking in a unique setting like this, with snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and idyllic farms clinging to the mountainsides, will give you an adventure to remember.

The name Nærøyfjord originates from the old norse(old norwegian) god ‘Njord’, the God of sailors and the sea.

Nærøyfjord is one of the arms of the Sognefjord or Sognefjorden, which is the largest and best known fjord in Norway.  By the way, also the second longest in the world.

Nærøyfjord itself is a 17km long branch of the Aurlandsfjord. It is only 250 meters wide at its narrowest  and more than one kilometer at the widest. The depth varies between 10 and 500 meters. The surrounding mountains are more than 1400 meters




May - Oct


1 290 NOK (Adult)
1 160 NOK (Youth)
1044 NOK (Child)


All equipment + guide


6 hours total
3-4 hours kayaking



Beginner to intermediate


5+ years


This tour is suitable for beginners and intermediate adventurers.

High quality gear

For the best possible experience


At Outdoor Norway, we believe in investing in equipment that stands the test of time, and the Prijon Eco Sea Kayaks exemplify this principle. With their exceptional durability and superior craftsmanship, these kayaks outlast their competitors, reducing the need for frequent replacements. What makes them even more remarkable is Prijon’s remarkable environmental values, emphasizing sustainability throughout their manufacturing process. By choosing Outdoor Norway kayaks, we not only provide our guests with high-quality vessels for touring, but also an opportunity to express commitment to mother nature.


For calm lake days and serene fjord tours, we have chosen the Prijon Poseidon 2 Kayaks. These versatile kayaks are designed to offer stability and ease of manoeuvrability, ensuring a pleasant experience for both beginners and experienced paddlers. With these kayaks from Outdoor Norway, our guests have the opportunity to explore breathtaking water bodies at a comfortable pace, immersing themselves in the beauty of Norway’s natural wonders.


We have aksi introduced the Prijon Customline CL 470 Relax 2 into the Outdoor Norway fleet, a spacious three-seater kayak that accommodates families and allows for pet-friendly tours. This kayak is perfect for those seeking quality time together and unforgettable moments surrounded by Norway’s stunning landscapes. We believe that creating memorable experiences should be inclusive and accessible to everyone, and the Customline CL 470 Relax 2 helps us achieve that.

Prijon Poseidon 2

People: 2
Material: HTP
Capacity: 240kg

Length, width, height

L: 518 cm
Wi: 67 cm
We: 39 kg

Prijon Customline CL 470 Relax 2

People: 2 + 1 (child or dog)
Material: HTP
Capacity: 250kg

Length, width, height

L: 476 cm
Wi: 76 cm
We: 35 kg


For Fjord Kayaking in Nærøyfjord


  1. Check-in at our Outdoor Base at 08:15 AM. Departure 08:30 to Nærøyfjord
  2. Scenic drive to Nærøyfjord
  3. Arrival in Nærøyfjord, preparation of the equipment and gearing up
  4. Safety instructions
  5. Warm-up
  6. Adventure departure
  7. Lunch break by the fjord (bring your own food/snacks and water/drink)
  8. Paddling back
  9. Loading equipment back into the van. A chance to visit the store nearby and take photos
  10. Scenic drive back to our Outdoor Base in Voss

Guest requirements

  • +5 years old (the guardian signs waiver for minors)
  • Basic swimming skills
  • Max 120 kg / 265lbs
  • 200cm (6'6 feet)
  • Good physical health

Before your trip, please inform us or your guide of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, etc.

What to bring with you

  • Swimwear
  • Footwear you don’t mind getting wet
  • Warm layers if it’s a cold day (thermals: wool or synthetic, not cotton)
  • Sunscreen/hat/cap
  • Water
  • Lunch & snacks
  • Towel
  • Camera to register the epic views


  • A qualified and knowledgeable sea kayak guide
  •  All equipment including sea kayak, paddle, PFD (life-jacket), sprayskirt and splash jacket
  •  Transport to and from the fjord
  •  Towering walls
  •  unforgettable kayaking adventure


May until October

08:30  Mon\Wed\Fri


UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription: 2005
Great scenery

Historic insights of the area

  • The Narrow fjord is the narrowest brunch of Sognefjorden (the longest and bigger fjords ice uncovered in the earth)
  • It has also been rated by the National Geographic Society as the world’s number one natural heritage site along with the Geirangerfjord.

Still have questions?


When does your season start and end?

Typically, our season runs from May through the end of October. However, our tours are subject to weather conditions.

What should I bring with me for a fjord kayak tour?

Before your activity, you will receive a detailed list of recommended items to bring, including appropriate clothing and gear for the activity.

For kayaking tours, attire should be weather-appropriate and might include:

- Swimwear (to wear under the wetsuit)
- Thermal underwear (if cold)
- Extra clothes for changing after the trip
- Towel
- Sunscreen

Regarding weather conditions:

Kayaking may be restricted during periods of excessive wind or adverse weather conditions.

When is the ideal time for kayaking?

Typically, the best time is from May to October. However, for calmer and sunnier weather, the period from mid-June to September offers the most favorable conditions.

Do I need previous experience to go kayaking?

No, you do not.

The majority of our guests are first-timers, and our trips, equipment, and briefings are tailored to make beginners feel comfortable. Our experienced guides will offer a safety orientation before you start and will support and coach you throughout the journey, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Do we need to be physically fit to go kayaking?

Kayaking is an inclusive and enjoyable activity suitable for individuals of various fitness levels. While prior experience isn't required, we recommend that our guests have a generally good level of physical health to fully relish the experience.

If you have any medical concerns, it's advisable to consult your doctor before booking a kayak tour. Our tours involve physical elements like paddling and maneuvering the kayak, and we want to ensure your capability to participate comfortably.

We're committed to making our tours accessible to everyone, welcoming guests of all ages and abilities. Our experienced guides offer comprehensive instructions and support, prioritizing your safety and ensuring a delightful experience on the water.

Join us for an incredible kayaking adventure, and let's craft lasting memories together!

Will I be at risk of falling out of the kayak? If I do, what should I do?

Your safety is our utmost priority during your kayak adventure. While our aim is to keep you in the kayak at all times, we acknowledge the possibility of accidents. Hence, we utilize high-quality, stable double kayaks that are intentionally difficult to tip over. These kayaks feature wide cockpit openings, allowing for easy exit in the rare instance of a capsize, enabling you to resurface for air without difficulty.

Furthermore, our experienced guides will provide thorough instructions before the trip, ensuring you're well-equipped with the knowledge of what to do in case of a capsize. Our goal is for you to feel confident and ready to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

Be assured that your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we've taken every precaution to ensure that your kayak adventure is both thrilling and safe. Join us and discover the fjord's beauty with peace of mind!

What types of kayaks do you use?

We have 8 double, 2 single, and 1 triple top-tier kayaks crafted by Prijon.

In the triple kayak the 3rd person must be a child (shorder than 120cm), who will not paddle. The triple kayak is also perfect for dog owners, since your furry friend can happily sit in the middle, as you paddle forward!

Can I take a dog with me for kayaking?

Yes, absolutely! We have a high quality triple kayak from Prijon, which fits 2 people and your furry friend! Just let us know in advance, and we will make sure that the kayak is reserved for you!

Do I need a paddle pass to go on this tour?

No, you do not need a paddle pass to go on this tour.

Is the shuttle to the fjord included?

Yes, indeed. We will meet at our Base in Voss, and from there, you'll be transported to the fjord in our company van. Just sit and enjoy the magnificent views!

Can I leave my bag/luggage at the base?

Yes absolutely, that's not an issue at all.

We have shelves available for storing your belongings while you're out on a tour. Rest assured, there's always a member of our staff present at the base, so your items will be securely looked after— nothing goes missing on our watch!

Is there an age limit for the tour?

There's no maximum age limit for our tour. As long as you're physically fit, you're more than welcome to join us!

Should I tip my guide?

Tipping isn't customary in Norway, as it is e.g. in the USA. Our guides put in considerable effort to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and safe, maintaining the high standards set by Outdoor Norway.

While tipping is recognized as a standard practice in the industry and is always welcomed, it's never an obligation. It's entirely up to your discretion whether you choose to leave a tip. Your appreciation for the service provided is greatly valued either way.

Do I need to sign a waiver?


Upon joining any activity, a waiver acknowledging risks must be read and signed. For minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign the waiver.

Meeting point

Summer Outdoor Shop address:
Evangervegen 32
5704 Voss

Meeting Point