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Team building in voss

Team Building in Voss

Fun Outdoor Team Building and Corporate Events

Fun Outdoor Team Building and Corporate Events

We at Outdoor Norway can provide great river and lake team building activities for you and your team or company. We are here so you can find the best possible trip for your company and team. We create a day everyone can join, based on different interests, age or physical abilties. 

Our Play ground is the Raundal river, Voss forest and Vangsvatnet in Voss. All less then an hour drive from Bergen!

We offer for example  a great Rafting TRIP ON EPIC GRADE II OR III AT RAUNDAL RIVER .
Which is an outstanding, safe and fun adventure to discover the Raundal river in Voss.

Depending on the interest of intesity we would either go with you on milder river sections (Grade II) or on the wilder part (Grade III).
The perfect teambuilding tour for bigger groups.

For an activitiy on the lake we also have a MEGA Team SUP board where between 8-12 people can be on at the same time.
A fun activity for a Team buidling event, because you really need to work together when all are literally on board. 


On this whitewater rafting tour, you’ll be able to paddle awesome rapids in one of the most scenic environments in the world. 
On our rafts you have to paddle and work as a team to navigate down the river.  Communication and getting together as one is the key here!

Our qualified international guides are certified River Rafting guides will guide through great grade II or III rapids.
We hire the best guides out there, with years of experience in rafting for your safety!


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Outdoor yoga and meditation to strenghten your teams Mind

Since years health benefits of yoga and meditation are  more and more known and used in workplaces. team building

We can integrate a yoga and meditaion session in your team building day, to strenghten inner calmness and mindfullness for each and everyone of your team.

Meditation helps relieve built-up stress and tension, it can also help boost employees’ decision-making and team building skills. Practicing mindfulness  on regular basis  trains the brain to better focus and concentrate on the present moment. And this again can  help them make more rational decisions.

Practising mindfulness can improve wellbeing and mental health. We are getting everyone together to practice some mental skills in the great outdoors in and around Voss.

If you and your company is up for it we could even do a yoga and meditation session on our SUP boards on the Vangsvatnet lake close to town center of Voss.

Creating positive experience together.


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A complete tour rafting is 3 hours. We run all very efficient, so you will be on the river for approximately 1,5 – 2 hrs.
We can also tailor made a full day of activities for you on your team building day.

If you are interested in a guided river rafting tour, a half day or a full day of activities with us in Voss, contact us via the contact form below or at our contact page.

Prices start from NOK 550,00 per person.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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