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Outdoor Norway Team Is Ekstremsportveko 2022 Rafting Winner

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Outdoor Norway Rafting Team celebrates after their win at head to head! From left : Marcio Franco, Miro Korinek, Ruben Johansen & David da Silva

The rafting at Ekstremsportveko is nothing short of legendary. Each team will battle it out in grade 4 river. Therefore, to master the course, a solid teamwork and whitewater experience is required. 

Outdoor Norway team competed for Ekstremsportveko’s 2022 rafting competition. This is the first time that Outdoor Norway entered a rafting race and the reward to work efficiently has brought the team to score the highest possible points at the Giant Slalom and the Head to Head.

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A quick group photo before the competition. Team work makes the dream work!

The team consists of (from left) Marcio Franco, Miro Korinek, Ruben Davidsen & David Da Silva. They worked hard for the training and set their focus to only one goal and that is winning! 

There were 12 teams for the rafting team guide who competed in the race and Outdoor Norway managed to clinched the first spot. This is an example that if you work as a team you can achieve great things.

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The race was held on Stranda River (Strandaelve).

From the beginning the team was focused and worked hard to achieve their goals.

The reverse gate at the bottom of “Layla Rapid” made it challenging and Outdoor Norway was the only team able to pass through the gate, all others missed it. This gave the good head start with 200 points awarded for the winner of the Giant Slalom.

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Outdoor Norway rafting team in action at semi-finals on Head to head competition

Competitors from other teams tried to trick the judges into giving a 10 second penalty in the semi-finals and preventing the team from entering the grand final. At this stage with the first place on the Giant Slalom if the team makes their way to the finals on H2H then they would be the event winner once the 2nd place team would not be able to reach the same amount of points. Unsuccessful due the pointless argument the other teams could not avoid the advance of the team with an unfair claim.


After losing the “rock, papers and scissor” the team didn’t have the priority and pole position and the truth had to be shown in the water.


Now, starting the final heat in the second, the team has to use their ability to find the fast lines, paddling hard and consistently. The first main rapid “Wilderness Camp” The Rasmus team had the full leading and both teams paddled a beautiful battle neck to neck.

To win a race requires knowledge, experience and strategy. The team Captain Marcio Franco explained the winning shot: “We had a goal, we discussed our strategy that we should focus on ourselves. Be closer to the team ahead and wait for the opportunity to overtake. On the exit of “Jan Eirik” river rapid Rasmus Team took the left line and we precisely took the right line and sprinted hard, now there is only a rock separating us and we kept it at full blow by deepened our blades in the water to advance to first place and take the inside line on the next corner”

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Peacefully the team make its way to the finnish line to celebrate a great achievement

Outdoor Norway team is very thankful to Ekstremsportveko and VossActive event organisations for putting this event together after two years of pandemic.

Ekstremsportveko is the largest extreme sport festival in the world, and is hosted every year in Voss, Norway. They host competitions in kayaking, rafting, mtb, skateboarding, skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, multisport, freeride, big air, climbing, speed riding, cliff diving, biketrial, wind tunnel, base and longboarding.

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Outdoor Norway team are all smiles receiving their prize!

For one whole week, national and international athletes compete and challenge themselves in the elements. However, competitions are not always the main focus for the athletes. The sharing of knowledge, when hundreds of top athletes are gathering this last week of June, is just as important.

Every year 800+ volunteers from all over the world contribute to make the festival a huge success. 

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