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The quarantine rules have been lifted, and travelers from all over the world can travel to Norway.

Norway removed quarantine upon entry for all travellers!

It is now open for entry from all countries in the world, but there are currently strict border controls. The entry quarantine has been discontinued for all travelers and travel to Norway is at easy from 26 January 2022.

Although no one needs to be quarantined when entering Norway, everyone must test themselves at the border and fill in the entry form before entering Norway. There is also a separate test requirement for those who do not use the EU vaccine passport. There may be further easing of the entry rules in February.


Common rules for all arrivals

Fully vaccinated people coming from countries that use the EU vaccine passport only need to be tested at the border and fill in the entry form before arrival. Unvaccinated people must also be tested before arriving in Norway, see below. The entry quarantine has been lifted for everyone.

The vaccination status must be documented through the EU vaccine passport. Norway and a number of other countries outside the EU have also connected to this vaccine passport. As of today, more than 60 countries have joined the EU vaccine passport.

2 rafts on a river in voss
Rafting the Raundal River in Voss, Norway

Entry from all other countries

Travelers who do not use the EU vaccine passport, for example unvaccinated or vaccinated from countries that are not connected to the EU vaccine passport, must be tested within 24 hours before arrival in Norway. If they arrive by plane, they can test themselves within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time for the first flight. This group must also test at the border and fill out the entry form before arrival.

There are a number of vaccinated travelers who are considered unvaccinated in this context, as they come from countries that are not connected to the EU vaccine passport. The USA, for example, is not connected to the EU’s vaccine passport.

Vaccine passports: These countries accept Norway’s vaccine passports from

Here is a link to the entry form

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Re-open the EU and the entry rules ahead

At https://reopen.europe.eu/en there is an updated travel advice for all EU and EEA countries. The site also contains correct information about entering Norway in English. Note that Norway uses different threshold values than the rest of Europe. This means that it is the map at FHI that applies.

The government has announced a review of the Covid-19 restrictions in early February. Among other things, they will consider removing some of the test requirements. At the same time, the Government has warned that there may be a tightening of the entry rules if the infection situation changes dramatically, or if there is a new wave later.

For more infos please visit the Norwegian Government official website by clicking here.

We cannot wait to welcome you, your friends and your family!

Team Outdoor Norway

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