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The Best Time To Visit Norway

Bergen harbour and bryggen

To visit Norway, is on the bucket list of many travelers!
Now may not be the time to board that plane and jet off on your dream vacation. But while the world settles down and increases safety measures related to Covid, there is plenty of time to start thinking about, and planning, your next adventure.

When it comes to choosing the right time to travel, there’s a lot to factor in. From airfare and peak seasons to the nature of your vacation, what activities you want to participate in and your itinerary, several factors impact your travel plans. However, when choosing a place like Norway, the answer is simple: any time is the right time.

Norway Offers Travel Opportunities ThroughOUT The Year

Norway is mostly known as a summer destination. And the summer is a fantastic time to visit – warmer days, the midnight sun, and happy Norwegians enjoying cold beers outside, with their friends, while grilling their favorite foods. Yet lesser known about this Scandinavian country is how it provides beautiful and unique adventure, year round. Spring offers colorful bursts of flowers and singing birds, while fall offers a chance to show down, reset, and watch the natural world prepare for winter. This aforementioned season has made its mark in tourism due to the Northern Lights, but it also provides ample outdoor opportunities related to snowshoeing, hiking and skiing.

No matter what time you choose to go, you’re in for a delightful adventure. There are activities across towns, cities, and of course, the adventure mecca, Voss, that you can visit with your friends and family. And speaking of friends and family, whether you travel with them, or head out on a soul-searching solo quest, there’s something for everyone.

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When you visit Norway, Each Season Has Unique Perks And Sights To Enjoy

While peak and high season for travel to Norway are between June and August, you can also visit during the shoulder seasons in May and June, and September and October.

If you want to avoid crowds, higher airfare and general costs of tours, accommodation, shopping etc., you should travel in spring or fall. Low season is around winter, and you won’t get to experience many of the usual activities. However, it’s also when we take our clients on Norway backcountry skiing  tours in Voss.

Summer Activities Worth Trying

There is no shortage of activities available to your adventurer spirit. In summer, we have several tours and expeditions throughout Voss, where you get fun, and tons of challenging yet exhilarating things to do.

Some of our most popular tourist activities include:

  • Water activities such as fjord and river tours
  • Scenic lake tours and picnics
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking


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Winter Activities

Though limited, our winter activities are far from boring. Our ski tours will take you through the scenic mountain landscapes of fjord Norway, and give you a taste of true Norwegian winter.

Get in touch with us for the ultimate, adventure-filled vacation and Ski tour in Norway.