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Updated travel advice to Norway as of July 5, 2021

Travel to Norway Summer 2021

Travel to norway Summer 2021

Boarders in Norway are open for foreign tourists and vaccinated people from Green EU countries.

It is not a general access for tourists to enter Norway, but it is allowed for all travelers from green countries, including tourists, to enter Norway. It is also possible for tourists traveling with the EU vaccine passport to travel to Norway, read more about this in the next section.

Note: Entrants from green countries must register before entry and must test at the border.

Color coding and re-open EU

On 5 July 2021, FHI expanded the number of color codes. The color codes are explained on the map. As of now, it keeps being aware that green = free entry and zero quarantine, and that all other colors mean entry restrictions and quarantine obligation. Remember that countries that are now green can be changed to red later, in the event of an infection flourishing in the country.

At https://reopen.europe.eu/en there is an updated travel advice for all EU and EEA countries. The site also contains correct information about entering Norway in English. Note that Norway still uses different threshold values ​​than the rest of Europe. This means that it is the map at FHI that applies.

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Rules and requirements when entering Norway


Rules for quarantine and quarantine hotels if you are planning to travel to Norway Summer 2021

  • Travelers using the EU vaccine passport will not be quarantined
  • Travelers from green areas will  not be quarantined  when entering Norway. 
  • Fully vaccinated Norwegians will not be quarantined when entering Norway. Provided they have a vaccine passport.
  • Travelers who can document with a Norwegian vaccine passport that they are protected (received a dose and it has been at least three weeks), will be quarantined, but can avoid quarantine hotels when entering Norway. These can also be tested out of quarantine by negative test after day three at the earliest.
  • Travelers from  red areas with moderate infection pressure (applies to most countries in Europe that are red) will be quarantined  for 10 days. The quarantine must be spent in your own home or in a suitable place to stay where it is possible to avoid close contact with others, with a private room, your own bathroom and your own kitchen or food service. See which areas have moderate infection pressure here
  • It is possible to shorten the quarantine period by two negative tests, the last of which is taken no earlier than 7 days after arrival.
  • Travelers from  red areas with high infection (applies to most countries outside the EEA and none within the EEA as of today) will be quarantined  for 10 days (until negative test day 7) when entering Norway. The quarantine period must be spent at a quarantine hotel at the first point of arrival in Norway. The traveler can test themselves out of quarantine hotels at the earliest on day 3.
    See which areas have a high infection here
  • Minors do not go to quarantine hotels

Source: NHO Reiseliv  .
The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) is the largest employers and trade organisation for the hospitality sector in Norway.

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If you’re on a green country, time to pack your bags and travel to Norway for the summer 2021! 😊


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Travel to Norway Summer 2021