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Feb 16, 2024 2:20:22 PM

Fyllingsdalen Tunnel - Norway’s Huge Step Towards Sustainable Tourism

Fyllingsdalstunnelen enhances Bergen's cycling infrastructure and offers an eco-friendly way for tourists to experience the city.

Written by: Marcio Franco

Bergen, which is truly renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, has taken another step towards sustainable tourism with the opening of the country’s most thrilling cycling tunnel, the Fyllingsdalstunnelen. This new development not only enhances the city’s cycling infrastructure but also offers an eco-friendly way for tourists and other visitors to experience the natural beauty of the region. 

Fyllingsdalstunnelen includes many art pieces.
Picture: Iver Daaland Åse/Bybanen Utby

Recently unveiled to the public, Bergen’s new cycling tunnel has quickly become a focal point for sustainable tourism in the region. Stretching beneath the city’s picturesque mountains, the tunnel provides a dedicated route for cyclists, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey through the city. With its advanced lighting system and well-maintained pathway, the tunnel offers a unique and thrilling experience for both locals and visitors.

For cycling enthusiasts planning their next adventure, Bergen proves to be an ideal destination. The city’s commitment to sustainable transport and eco-friendly initiatives makes it a haven for cyclists looking to explore its breathtaking landscapes. The cycling tunnel serves as a gateway to the region’s other remarkable cycling routes, allowing visitors to traverse the city and its surrounding areas with ease and convenience.

Fyllingsdalstunnelen boosts Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism in Bergen

It is self-evident that the new cycling tunnel aligns perfectly with the city’s sustainable tourism goals. By promoting cycling as a preferred mode of transportation, the city aims to reduce carbon emissions and create a greener environment. Cyclists can now embrace ecotourism by choosing a sustainable means of exploring the city’s natural wonders. The cycling tunnel is a testament to Bergen’s commitment to preserving its unique heritage while promoting responsible tourism.

Exploring Beyond Bergen: Voss and Outdoor Norway

Explore Voss and the Norway's most beautiful fjords with E-City Bikes from Outdoor Norway.

A cyclist’s adventure does not have to end in Bergen and Fyllingsdalstunnelen, since just an hour away from Bergen by train lies the city of Voss, the undisputed outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Here, adventurers can embark on thrilling experiences on E-City Bikes or E-Mountain Bikes and further experience the beauty of Fjord Norway. Renting from our brand new 2023 fleet of quality E-Mountain Bikes or E-City Bikes allows anyone to immerse in the region’s rugged terrain and stay in close contact with nature.

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Exploring the Mighty Kjervheimfossen

With an E-City bike, you have the option to venture off-road and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Kjervheimfossen, one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Western Norway. Riding along the winding trails and embracing the tranquility of the surrounding nature creates an unforgettable experience that combines adventure and natural wonder. The contrast between Fyllingsdalstunnelen and Kjervheimfossen is worth witnessing, both trips being inherently Norwegian experiences.

Ecotourism in 2023 and Beyond

As Bergen’s new cycling tunnel revolutionizes the city’s cycling infrastructure and paves the way for sustainable tourism and eco-friendly adventures with Fyllingsdalstunnelen, Outdoor Norway is constantly striving for sustainable travel in the Heart of Fjord Norway. By embracing cycling as a means of transportation, visitors can explore the city’s stunning landscapes and experience the unique charm of Western Norway. Immerse yourself in the stunning Norwegian nature by renting an E-Mountain Bike or an E-City Bike, or book a guided E-Bike Tour for half a day. As organizations in Vestland continue to prioritize sustainability and ecotourism, Vestland solidifies its position as a top destination for cycling holidays and unforgettable experiences.

Marcio Franco
Marcio Franco

Chief Director of Good Times, Franco first came to Norway in 2010 as a rafting guide & safety kayaker. In 2011 he landed in Voss, where he quickly discovered the incredible and vastly varied opportunities the surrounding nature had to offer. As an experienced International tandem paraglider pilot, professional whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, skier, and certified yoga teacher, he knew he could use his background in fitness to help others use their bodies to discover Voss the same way he did. With over 23 years spent in the outdoor sports industry, he leads the team with a diverse array of knowledge and tools to ensure that the adventures we offer bring nothing but smiles, laughter, and a desire to learn more.