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E-MOUNTAIN BIKE Full-Suspension | Rental

Embark on a journey of awe-inspiring landscapes with the unparalleled E-MTB full-suspension bike, perfectly designed to elevate your adventure in the breathtaking beauty of Voss! Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology and experience the seamless functionality of our exceptional rentals. Elevate your ride, explore the extraordinary – choose Merida for an unforgettable biking experience in Voss!

Freedom Beautiful views
150 mts from the Voss train Station Quality Equipment

Conquer every trail with unwavering confidence, as our eONE-SIXTY 500 combines expert handling, formidable suspension, and the winning synergy of a Shimano EP6 drive unit and high-capacity battery encased in a sleek all-aluminium frame.

This eMTB masterpiece embodies our comprehensive expertise, boasting award-winning handling matched with a stylish frame accommodating a robust 630-watt battery and potent Shimano EP8 drive unit. Feel the assurance of RockShox's extended-travel suspension, coupled with the commanding precision of Shimano brakes and a refined drivetrain.

Rent the eONE-SIXTY 500 for an unparalleled trail experience – where no trail is beyond your reach.


For the best possible experience

No trail is out of reach, thanks to confident handling, super-capable suspension and the winning combination of Shimano EP6 drive unit and high-capacity battery in a sleek all-aluminium frame, it offers the perfect blend of strength and agility.  The integrated cable routing not only enhances the bike's aesthetics but also minimizes maintenance requirements. With its eye-catching color scheme and streamlined profile, this electric mountain bike is as visually stunning as it is performance-driven.

The Merida eONE-SIXTY 500 is a marvel of design and engineering, crafted to provide an exhilarating off-road experience. Its sleek aesthetics, powerful Shimano EP6 drive train, reliable braking system, and top-notch wheels make it a force to be reckoned with. Embark on new adventures, push your limits, and conquer the trails with the eONE-SIXTY 500—a true companion for riders seeking the perfect blend of performance, style, and versatility.

Shimano EP6 motor delivers powerful torque, effortlessly propelling you through challenging terrains and conquering steep climbs. With a smooth and responsive ride, the extending 630 Wh or 750 Wh (model specific) internal battery range for extended adventures. Paired with Shimano 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, this bike ensures reliable and precise stopping power, allowing you to confidently navigate technical descents and halt quickly and safely. Unlock new levels of excitement with the eONE-SIXTY 500 and embrace the thrill of electric-assisted biking.


The 29-inch front wheel and 27.5-inch rear wheel deliver a smooth and stable ride. Combined with the renowned Kenda Regolith tires, these wheels provide exceptional traction and grip on various terrains. From loose gravel to challenging trails, the larger wheels and high-quality tires ensure optimal control and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate twists and turns with ease. Conquer any terrain with confidence and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.


S, M, L, XL

Fork & Shock

Rock Shox Deluxe Select+ platform
Rock Shox 35 Gold RL 160mm


Front: Kenda Regolith 29x2.3'' wire

Rear: Kenda Regolith 27.5x2.6'' wire

Brake system

Shimano M4100 4-piston

Powerful 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes


For E-Mountain Bike Full Suspension Rental

Guest requirements

  • Basic bike riding skills
  • Good physical health

Before your trip, please inform us or your guide of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, etc.

What to bring with you

  • Sunscreen/hat/cap
  • Footwear suitable for biking
  • Warm layers if it’s a cold day (thermals: wool or synthetic, not cotton)
  • Set of extra clothes for changing after trip
  • Water
  • Lunch & snacks
  • Camera to document your epic trip (water protection recommended)


  • Top-quality equipment
  • Helmet


From the end of April to mid of October

Daily rental slot times. Slots available:

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • Day rental

If you wish to rent for multiple days, you need to book the first day of the rental and email our team to add extra days to your booking. Note: The bicycles must be delivered at our shopping at the end of every day.


Still have questions?


What should I bring with me when renting a bike?

- Clothing suitable for biking, focuse on comfort
- Thermal underwear (for colder conditions)
- Own gloves (for comfort or warmth)
- Windstopper jacket or rain jacket (for windy or cold weather)
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Water bottle for hydration

What is included in bike rentals?

A top quality bike for all riders and preferences
- Helmet

Is it possible to bring the bikes with us on the Gondola?

Absolutely, you're able to bring the bikes along. Additionally, we can provide you with a 10% discount if you book a mountain bike from us.

When making your booking online, you can conveniently include the gondola ticket as an 'add-on' during the purchasing process in our booking system.

Are there any rider skill or fitness requirements?

- Minimum age: bikes are available for riders aged 4 to 5 and older
- Normal physical health
- Basic riding skills

Please inform us of any medical conditions, such as asthma or epilepsy.

Do I need to sign a waiver?


Upon joining any activity, a waiver acknowledging risks must be read and signed. For minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign the waiver.

Do we need to be physically fit for biking?

We suggest that all our guests have good physical health for biking activities.

If you have any medical concerns but still wish to go biking, we advise consulting with your doctor beforehand for your safety. Remember to always ride according to your own skill and fitness level.

How long does the e-bike battery last?

Several factors affect battery life:

- Trail surface
- Trail steepness
- Power assistance level: the amount of power used
- Rider weight

There are three power assistance levels:

1. Eco-Mode (Low)
2. Enduro Mode (Medium)
3. Turbo Mode (High)

Using the battery efficiently on Eco-Mode can easily make the battery last a full day rental, especially if uphill segments accumulate to less than 400 vertical meters.

In Enduro assistance mode, you can expect a comfortable 2 to 4 hours of usage.

With Turbo mode, the battery might last less than 90 minutes.

Remember, you can switch power modes while cycling and adjust the level according to the terrain for optimal battery usage.

Am I allowed to bring my personal equipment?

Yes, absolutely!

You're welcome to bring your own gear, such as a helmet, gloves, and/or pedals.

We'll handle the installation of pedals on the bikes for our guests. However, we kindly request that guests refrain from modifying the bikes themselves.

What if I damage the gear?

Before riding, each rider must attend a brief safety session to understand the proper use of the rental gear.

For a deposit on the equipment, we'll take an imprint of a credit card. Any damage to the bike will incur a charge based on the market price for repairs.

By staying within your capabilities while riding, you significantly lower the risks of injury and damage to the equipment.

It's highly recommended to ride within your skill level to prevent any mishaps!

Am I allowed to keep a bike overnight during a multiple-day rental?

For our multiday rental, mountain bikes are expected to be picked up in the morning and returned before our closing time each day.

Following several unfortunate incidents, we have determined that bikes cannot be rented overnight.

Should you have additional queries regarding multiday rentals, please reach out via the form below, and our team will gladly provide further assistance.

Meeting point

Summer Outdoor Shop address:
Evangervegen 32
5704 Voss

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