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Feb 16, 2024 2:15:18 PM Ski holidays in Norway

How to Prepare for Winter Ski adventures in Norway

Thinking of ski adventures in Norway? Here’s everything you need to know about preparing yourself and planning for the experience.

Written by: Marcio Franco

Ski Adventures in Norway are still a hidden germ!

As one of the most beloved destinations for serious skiers and nature enthusiasts, Norway’s best quality is the undisturbed, relatively uncommercialized slopes. You still find untouched nature here!  That’s why, if you haven’t been, Norway should be the first stop on your skier’s bucket list.

Lucky for you, we offer different kinds of ski adventures in Norway, such as a nine-day ski road trip or backcountry one-day tours near Voss. However, whether you’re an amateur or a pro skier, it’s always great to be prepared!

Here’s what you need to know about getting ready for your skiing experience in Voss, Norway with us.

Ask What’s Included Directly

Don’t assume all something is included in the package — always ask. It might be that you overread something and no one want to show up to their Ski adventures in Norway without their gear!
It’s best to ask specific questions about the adventure that you’ve booked, since different tours can have different package details.

For example, our day trips usually don’t include meals. However, on the ski road trip, we do provide breakfast and some dinners. On other nights and for lunch, you may have to buy your own meals. This will help you plan your expenses better.

Pack Emergency Items

There are some essential emergency items you should never be without. Although most ski resorts will usually have a first aid kit, you may still need your everyday medication, or items like tampons.

It also never hurts to pack some bandages, painkillers or sore muscle relief cream. With these small additions to your items, you can be prepared for just about anything.

Here a small overview for those how choose pure backcountry skiing:

  • Avalanche Transceiver. 
    Without this electronic device, you can’t find your friends in an avalanche or be found in an avalanche.
  • Avalanche Probe
  • Snow Shovel
  • Water
  • Extra layers
  • Space blanket
  • Emergency shelter
  • First Aid Kit
  • Headlamp
  • Mobile phone & extra power bank
ski adventures in Norway

Make Sure Your Gear is Complete:

Equipment and clothing costs are usually not included in tours either, although you can rent equipment out easily for an additional fee. However, this means you need to be very sure that you’re carrying everything you’ll need.

Basic gear requirements are:

  • Skis and bindings (alpine touring, Telemark or split-board set up)
  • Climbing skins
  • Ski boots, poles & helmet
  • Shell jacket with hood, water & windproof
  • Shell pants or bibs, Gore-Tex recommended for ventilation
  • Down or synthetic jacket
  • Mid-layer sweater or vest
  • Base layers, wool is best
  • Gloves, hat, socks, sunglasses & goggles

Train yourself Properly — Or Choose A Beginner Tour

While most skiing resorts have slopes for both beginners and experienced skiers, it’s always best to get some practice in beforehand. You can also choose a more appropriate tour. For example, if you’re planning to go on a ski road trip, you can choose to attend our beginner’s backcountry tour to get your ski on first!


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Figure Out Your Plan Ahead of Time

Our team at Outdoor Norway usually makes sure to accommodate any special requests. For example, if you’re attending our day tour but want to stay in the Norway ski resorts overnight, we can help you figure it out. However, you’ll need to let us know in advance what your plan is.

Our job is to get you the adventure you dream of, and that’s exactly what we try to accomplish with our ski adventures. Our hiking and mountain bike trail tours try to accomplish the same thing. Book one of our many outdoor activities to get the full Outdoor Norway hospitable experience of Skiing in Voss

Marcio Franco
Marcio Franco

Chief Director of Good Times, Franco first came to Norway in 2010 as a rafting guide & safety kayaker. In 2011 he landed in Voss, where he quickly discovered the incredible and vastly varied opportunities the surrounding nature had to offer. As an experienced International tandem paraglider pilot, professional whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, skier, and certified yoga teacher, he knew he could use his background in fitness to help others use their bodies to discover Voss the same way he did. With over 23 years spent in the outdoor sports industry, he leads the team with a diverse array of knowledge and tools to ensure that the adventures we offer bring nothing but smiles, laughter, and a desire to learn more.