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How to Pack for a Winter Vacation to Norway

winter sunset at ski area

Winter in Norway isn’t for the weak!

With the exception of people who live in Canada or Iceland and are used to some winter vacation; Norwegian winters, especially in the North bring rain and wind as well as inevitable snowfall and therefore feel quite chilly for those who are not used to it.
This means that not only should visitors bring snow-friendly clothing , but to have them wind and waterproofing are preferable too so you can truly enjoy beeing outdoors. 

However, there’s a lot more that goes into packing for extreme weather than your clothing, and we’re here to give you our expert advice on this essential part of travel.

Look Through Your Itinerary

Norway is a pretty spread-out country, which means that there are milder parts where winters are pretty bearable and extremely cold areas where bundling up is essential.

So, before you decide what you need to pack your itinerary will help you understand the weather’s requirements.

For example, if you’re going on a Skiing in Voss, you’ll need gear, multiple kinds of layers, boots and as many water and windproof jackets you can find.

You can usually rent gear at the location, so you should try to budget accordingly.

Figure Out Your Warm Clothing for your winter vacation

This is obvious, but it’s also essential. For people coming from warmer climates, warm clothing can mean a simple sweater and a scarf but that simply won’t do in Norway. If you’re visiting the Northern region, you’ll need inner thermal underwear, pure wool sweaters, grip sole shoes and a strong jacket to cover up all of your other layers.

The tricky thing about snow and wind is, when combined these two elements can be brutal and make just about all kinds of clothing ineffective.

Don’t Forget Essentials

There are some necessary items that don’t fall under clothing that you’ll need as well. For example, European voltage converters or travel chargers are super important, since 120v adapters will get fried with the 220v energy we get here.

You should also bring power banks, reusable water bottles, moisturizers and maybe even a hot water bottle to keep you cozy at the end of the day.


winter vacation

Always Leave Room for Souvenirs

Nordic cultures go back centuries, which means that there will be tons of souvenirs and cool trinkets you’ll want to buy. For example, traditional Norway bunads are a dress opportunity most people love to indulge in.

For more sentimental items, Viking bowls and other kinds of memorabilia are popular tourist items that you could splurge on. Rosemaling crockery and vintage Norwegian cooking pans are also a definite buy in our books. That’s why you may want to leave some breathing space in your case when you travel.

You should be all set to visit Norway’s winter wonderland now, but if a summer trip is more your style, make sure to get some adventurous opportunities.

At Outdoor Norway, we provide all kinds of exciting adventures, including canoeing, MTB downhill tours, camping, hiking and SUP boards Voss Norway.