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Experience the freedom of nature as you rent a Stand-up Paddleboard and leisurely explore the stunning Vangsvatnet lake in Voss. Easy to balance and offering a relaxed workout, our SUP rental grants you the perfect avenue to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

Beautiful views 150 mts from the Voss train Station
Quality Equipment Lake Vangsvatnet


Rent a SUP board, paddle and explore the beautiful Vangsvatnet lake in Voss. Very near the central area, yet with wonderful possibilities to connect with nature
The fastest growing water sport is now Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)…and we have them at Outdoor Norway. It’s easy to learn, and almost everyone manages to stand up after a few minutes of balancing on the board.
Our staff will introduce some paddling and safety techniques and assist you before your departure in the water.
Paddle directly from our outdoor base on the waterfront.
Quiet and fun activity near Voss Centrum, and it's a walking distance to our base tent from all hotels in town.



Our Big Mega SUP fits up to 12 paddlers.
We can now also offer you our new and big MEGA SUP.
A huge Stand Up Paddle Board that fits up to 12 people simultaneously!
It is a fun activity when you are in a bigger group.

Whether you are a bachelor's group, kids' or youth birthday group, or a group of families, this board is perfect for paddling together on the lake in Voss.
The minimum recommended group size to paddle the Mega SUP comfortably is 3 people.
And yes, you can take your dog too!

Interested in renting the MEGA SUP? You can go ahead and click on Book Now button, and reserve your time slot to take your friends to explore the lake.


For SUP rental

Guest requirements

  • Basic swimming skills
  • Max 120 kg / 265lbs
  • Good physical health

Before your trip, please inform us or your guide of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, etc.


  • Sunscreen
  • hat
  • cap
  • Swimming clothes
  • Thermal underwear if cold (no cotton)
  • Change of clothes
  • Windstopper/Waterproof jacket



✔️ Top-quality equipment
✔️ Stand-up-paddle board
✔️ SUP paddle
✔️ PFD (Life-jacket)
✔️ Splash jacket if needed
✔️ Wetsuits required early and late in the season


From  27. April – 12. October



Still have questions?


What kind of kayaks are available for rental?

We have 8 double, 2 single, and 1 triple top-tier kayaks crafted by Prijon.

In the triple kayak the 3rd person must be a child (shorder than 120cm), who will not paddle. The triple kayak is also perfect for dog owners, since your furry friend can happily sit in the middle, as you paddle forward!

Do I need a paddle pass to rent a kayak?

No, you do not need a paddle pass.

If you're a couple with no prior experience, we highly recommend opting for the double-seater kayak. These offer enhanced stability in the water, ensuring a more comfortable and secure experience for both paddlers.

Can I take a dog with me for kayaking?

Yes, absolutely! We have a high quality triple kayak from Prijon, which fits 2 people and your furry friend! Just let us know in advance, and we will make sure that the kayak is reserved for you!

Do I need prior experience to rent a kayak, a SUP-board or a canoe?

No, you do not need any prior experience at all.

However, we do provide a comprehensive introduction to your chosen activity, covering paddle techniques and safety procedures before you begin.

Our activities are designed to be easily learned. Canoeing and Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) are generally considered simpler than kayaking, offering a smoother learning curve for beginners.

Where do I paddle with the rental equipment?

You will paddle on Lake Vangsvatnet in Voss, and conveniently, our base is situated right by the lakeside, offering easy access to start your paddling adventure.

Is it necessary to know how to swim?

Yes, we highly recommend having basic swimming skills for your safety. Despite our comprehensive safety instructions and the provision of life jackets, although incidents are infrequent, they can still happen.

Being a proficient swimmer enhances your ability to help yourself if you find yourself in the water. It's an added layer of personal safety and confidence in the water.

How many individuals can use a canoe simultaneously?

At our base, we have two canoes available. Each canoe accommodates:

3 adults
2 adults and 2 kids
2 adults and 1 youth
1 adult, 1 youth, and 2 kids

Do you offer waterproof bags for my belongings?

No, we do not provide waterproof bags.

However, in our kayaks, there are waterproof compartments available to store your belongings securely. If you rent a canoe, we suggest wrapping your items in plastic or using other waterproof bags before the tour.

If needed, you're welcome to leave your belongings at our Base while you're out on the lake, just for added convenience and security.

What should I bring with me?

Before your activity, you will receive a detailed list of recommended items to bring, including appropriate clothing and gear for the activity.

For water-based activities like SUP-boarding, this typically includes swimwear, and if needed, wetsuits are available from us.

Regarding kayaking and canoeing, attire should be weather-appropriate and might include:

- Rain jacket
- Outdoor/sport pants
- Sweater
- Activewear
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses

And more as per individual preferences and weather conditions.

Can I leave my bag/luggage at the base?

Yes absolutely, that's not an issue at all.

We have shelves available for storing your belongings while you're out on a tour. Rest assured, there's always a member of our staff present at the base, so your items will be securely looked after— nothing goes missing on our watch!

Do I need to sign a waiver?


Upon joining any activity, a waiver acknowledging risks must be read and signed. For minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign the waiver.

Meeting point

Summer Outdoor Shop address:
Evangervegen 14
5704 Voss