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Experience the beauty of our mountain lake Vangsvatnet from an great perspective in our rental kayaks.

With a small amount of paddling experience to experienced paddlers, this activitiy fits everyone.

The guests who choose touring kayak with us will be the most pleasantly surprised.These kayaks are extremely stable, with exceptional handling and a surprising amount of speed.

We rent out 4 double seater kayaks and 2 single seater kayaks at our base in Voss. In addition to the kayaks we also offer two 3 seater canoes.

Outdoor Norway choose a high top ending equipment to all our activities, because our focus is on your safety and quality leisure time.

kayak rental

What to expect

Experience the beauty of  Vangsvatnet lake from our sea kayaks in Voss. And enjoy this fantastic environment.

A good opportunity to enjoy the lake while discovering this beautiful piece of Voss.

Quality equipment 91%
Active adventure for all 96%
Beautiful lake in Norway 95%

F.A.Q. – SEA KAYAK RENTAL with Outdoor Norway and our answers.

  • Sports clothes
  • Thermal underwear if cold
  • Footwear that you can get wet
  • Change of clothes
  • Suncream
  • Sunglass
  • Hat

One of the more basic questions you should ask yourself before you rent a kayak is whether you want to paddle solo or tandem. The names are self-explanatory— solo kayaks are for one paddler and tandem kayaks are equipped for two.

We do have a fleet with four tandem kayaks and two single kayaks.

  • Tandem kayak is more stable due the shape/design and  wider width.
  • It’s faster with two paddlers
  • Renting a tandem kayak it’s a good choice if you or your paddling partner have limited previous experience.
  • Tandem kayaks can also be great if you are paddling with a child who isn’t ready to kayak alone.
  • If one kayaker’s ability or strength means they won’t do well paddling a solo kayak, having a stronger or more capable tandem partner is key.
  • Some experienced kayakers also simply enjoy the companionship and teamwork that a tandem provides.


We do have a fleet with four tandem kayaks and two single kayaks.

No, you don’t. Most of our guests are first-timers and our rental kayak is safer, good equipment, and briefings are designed to put beginners at ease. Our experienced staff will provide a safety orientation before you get on the water and recommend you the best spots to navigate with the kayak.

No, not at all! Kayaking you can paddle at your own pace and set the journey as you wish.

If you have a medical issue but you still want to go kayaking, we always recommend you check with your doctor first.

If you making use of any medicine that alterate your nervous or psychological feel free to inform our staff.

We can kayaking as soon as the ice is off the lake and up until the snow falls again!
Therefore our operational season is from May to the mid of October. If you have a group and wish to kayak out of our main season you must inquiry via email to check the activity availability.



Opening hours Spring/Summer
May 06th to June 23rd
10 am until 4 pm daily


Opening hours Main Summer
From June 24th until August 26th
9 am until 6 pm daily


Opening hours Summer/Autumn
August 27th to October 14th
10 am until 4 pm daily


Refund Guarantee

If your trip is cancelled due to COVID choose from free date changes, account credit or full refund.


Your money is safe. Every booking fully financially protected.

For Any Query Contact us


Summer Outdoor Shop address:
Evangervegen 14
5704 Voss

Find us on the waterfront, close to the Voss Gondola, in front of Fleischer’s Hotel. 
Click here for google maps directions.

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