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Why renting our adventure gear is a great idea

Why renting our adventure gear is a great idea

Finally summer holiday  startet here in Norway and the great outdoors is waiting to be explored.
Outdoor activities are great for either getting in shape after the long month a lot of us stuck in homeoffice, trying to juggle job and family literally at the dame time.

Time in nature is what a lot of us are looking for now. 

Good equipment is a necessity for many outdoor activities. Especially when it comes to expensive gear like a good MTB or kayak.  If you are someone who wants to give certain activies a first try or just don’t want to take all your gear with you on holiday, no problem!  

We offer you a wide range of Outdoor equipment at our base in Voss.
With our renting gear we make sure you’re prepared to have the best outdoor experience possible.


e-mountain bike rental

E-Bike Moutainbike rental

Outdoor Norway highest quality FULL-SUSPENSION enduro HIBRID mountain bikes from Cube and Merida are tuned, charged and ready to hit the trails whenever you are.
Go anywhere, ride anything!


group activities

Mountain Bike rental

Outdoor Norway’s top quality full-suspension Enduro mountain bike are ready to hit the trails whenever you are.
We choose high-end full suspension MTB from CUBE and Merida. For adults, youth and kids!


group activities
SUP Rental Voss Norway 26

SUP rental

Rent a SUP (standup paddle board)and paddle on our beautiful lake in Voss. Easy to learn and casual way to exercise,  Relaxing and fun to get a tour on the water with.


sea kayak

Kayak rental

Experience the beauty of our mountain lake Vangsvatnet from your kayak. Our kayaks are extremely stable and suit also for absolute beginners in paddling.



sea kayak

Canoe rental

We are also renting out inflatable canoes, justdrop in or book one directly online.

Renting saves Yourself Money

The most obvious reason to rent instead of buying right off the bat is to save money.
If you only go kayaking or mountain biking a few times a year,it doesn’t make a ton of sense for you to go out and purchase a bunch of expensive outdoor equipment.

Alternatively, choosing to rent, you’ll only end up paying a fraction of the cost it would be to buy.



Safety is often the number one priority for any outdoor enthusiast. While some outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking or camping are usually quite safe, while water activities might require some more instruction. When renting your gear from an outdoor company like Outdoor Norway you can be sure that you always get a safety briefing before we sent you out.

If you never go, you will never know, right?

So give a new outdoor adventure a try and visit our rental for one of the best adventure gear rentals in Voss!

sup lake paddling in norway