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We’re an eco-friendly tour operator to share the uniqueness of each adventure, attach great importance and knowledge to experienced guiding service and easy access to hiring of equipment to explore the outdoors.

Based in the adventure Mecca of Norway – Voss – prime location in the heart of Fjord Norway gives us easy access to a great natural playground in Northern Europe.

Whether you are an independent traveler, a family or a company, we’re looking forward to share with you our love for the outdoors and our passion for adventure. Summer or winter, in water or on snow, through the air or on the ground

Our team of qualified and professional guides, together with our trusted partners for many further outdoor adventures, make sure to give you the experience of a lifetime.
You can choose a quiet and easy activity by the lake or you can feel the rush of a physical and mental challenge getting into one of our mountain adventure tour.
We are specialist to arrange your leisure time in nature wheater in or out of Norway.
At top menu  you’ll find some of our hottest travel within in ski, surf and paraglider for all levels.
Check out our proposals and offers and pinch a place before anyone else does.

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