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3 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste While Traveling

reusable glas bottle for traveling

At Outdoor Norway, we put a lot of emphasis on ecotourism, green practices and sustainability. However, for travelers that are new to the game, it can be hard to imagine what that looks like. One key way you can do this is to reduce plastic waste.

We use so much plastic that it can be hard to cut it out completely. Also, many businesses or eateries you may go to could be using plastic carelessly, but you can’t always do something about it. However, there are a few ways you can successfully cut this non-biodegradable material out that are in your complete control.

All it takes is a little bit of commitment and planning.

Bring Your Own Toiletries

What’s a signature hotel item that most narratives about traveling romanticize? The tiny shampoo bottles, the cute little toothpaste tubes and all the other small bottles stocked everywhere. However, these tiny bottles can be extremely wasteful. Try bringing your own toiletries to hotels or B&Bs.

You can easily transport your own hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste or similar items. While shampoos and conditioners can be more difficult to handle, have you considered converting to bars instead? Shampoo and conditioner bars are an excellent lifestyle choice you can make to eliminate waste from your daily life as well.

Just don’t forget to call ahead or let the hotel staff know when you check in that they should remove all of their toiletries and other extra packs, because housekeeping will throw it away after you leave anyway.

Bring Reusable Items to Use

Having your own refillable water bottle, tupperware boxes, handkerchiefs, metal straws and cutlery can all help you cut down on how much plastic you consume while traveling. Water in particular is one of the most purchased items by travelers, which is why a refillable water bottle can make a huge difference.

Travelers are usually on the go, which is why having metal reusable utensils handy is also smart choice for when you want to stop and try some street food as you explore.

pollution on a beach after tourists visits

Skip plastic & Take Away the Takeout

This is common practice among travelers, which is why need to address it. Don’t get the takeout option when you travel! So many tourists love stopping  by a local franchise of a larger fast food outlet for some comfort food, but what you don’t realise is that this has an effect on local plastic waste and economies.

Stop patronizing international businesses that don’t invest back into the communities native to these areas. Instead, stop at a locally-run café where you can eat off of actual crockery or ask the street food vendor to plate up their food in your washable tupperware.

So, now that you’re all set to go with a list of plastic-free habits, start prepping to visit our voss rafting norway center. With the winter ski season coming up soon, we’ll be launching our Ski touring holidays Norway soon, with activities like river canoeing, river kayaking, mountain bike tours and more making a return in the summer.