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Join in on our great Brazil Surftrip and explore with us the amazing green coast near Rio de Janeiro. A magical journey filled with excitement and adventure in the prime location. The BEST spots to surf uncrewded waves in Brazil.

Easy to advanced waves  Professional guide 
Secluded beaches  No tourist traps



For those who always want to experience the uniqueness of Brazil, we can offer a magical journey filled with excitement, adventure and a lot of surfing time!

In Rio de Janeiro, our guide will meet you at airport where we start our road trip. After 2 days in Rio to chill and feel the marvellous big city atmosphere, we will head to Paraty to spend most of our time on the gorgeous Green Coast with pristine beaches. Ilha Grande is the right place for ecotourism and the island is noted for its scenic beauty, unspoilt tropical beaches, luxuriant vegetation and rugged landscape.

On the boat trip we do stops for surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkelling with fish, turtles and the immense marine life dwelling in the emerald waters. If we’re lucky, we might even see some whales or dolphins!This is the best Boat & Roadtrip to discover a world of contrast, charming colonial heritage sites, fishing villages and to explore tropical islands by boat.


Mata Atlântica, Brazil


Apr & Oct


33 850 NOK

Equipment + guide



11 days




13+ years


This tour is suitable for beginner surfers with some experience.


Your Tropical Paradise


Nestled between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on Brazil's Costa Verde, Paraty is a quaint town framed by mountains. The cobbled streets of its Portuguese colonial center showcase 17th- and 18th-century buildings, remnants of its time as a pivotal port during the Brazilian Gold Rush. The waterfront Capela de Santa Rita, a whitewashed church from 1722, is a notable architectural landmark.

Once a vital port during the Portuguese empire, Paraty marked the endpoint of the Estrada Real, a trail carrying gold, diamonds, and coffee from Minas Gerais to Europe. The town slipped off the radar when the route shifted to Rio for efficiency, accessible only by boat and surrounded by tropical forest. It reemerged in the 1970s with the construction of the Rio-Santos road, drawing visitors with its colonial charm and natural beauty. Today, the 63 virgin islands along the coast to Angra are sought after by Brazilian captains of industry.

Ecological Reserve of Joatinga: A Tranquil Haven

Discover the practically deserted coast of the Ecological Reserve of Joatinga, where great fishing, beach bars, serene ponds, and forested shores await. Immerse yourself in the traditional lifestyle of local fishermen on white beaches. Some sailors choose to stay for weeks, captivated by the tranquility and natural beauty.

Brazilian weather: a Tropical Paradise

In most of the season from October to April, Paraty enjoys hot weather, averaging between 22 to 34 degrees Celsius. The water temperature, influenced by currents from Patagonia, hovers around 20 degrees Celsius. With an average monthly rainfall of 84mm, Paraty provides an idyllic tropical escape for those seeking warmth and relaxation.

Certified guides

Embark on your adventure with confidence as our certified professionals, boasting years of invaluable experience, lead the way. Our guides are not only experts in their field but also passionate about providing you with a memorable and safe journey. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a novice explorer, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is not only thrilling but also filled with insights and knowledge.


For Surf trip in Brazil


Part I

Day 1 – Arrive in Rio, pick up at the airport & drive to lodge in Barra da Tijuca. Evening beach tour.
Day 2 – Morning surfing. Afternoon sightseeing with option to go for a paraglider tandem flight if weather is good. Evening transfer Rio to Paraty.

Part II – Paraty

Day 3 – Roadtrip to surf on a deserted beach, a true paradise reached in 45 minutes by car followed by 20 minutes of walking trail. Evening tour in historical colonial city of Paraty.
Day 4 – Roadtrip to surf and visiting the Village of Trindade. Afternoon waterfall bath and visit to a local native Indians village. Evening tour in historical colonial city of Paraty.

Part III – Emerald Coast, Ecological Reserve of Joatinga

Day 5 – Boat-trip into Mamanguá fjord with stop to swim, snorkel, relax and eat. Activities such as snorkelling followed by hiking to Mamanguá’s Peak. Afternoon SUP/Canoe to the Mangrove or snorkelling

Day 6 – Boat trip to a deserted beach for surf and SUP. Inhospitable place only accessible by boat or a day hiking. There is only one house at this place – a fisherman’s house, which we will stay in. 
Day 7 – Morning and afternoon surf. Hiking is an optional activity.

Part IV – Ilha Grande (Big Island)

Day 8 – Boat trip to Ilha Grande – longest boat ride, up to 3 hours. Afternoon Surf and SUP in Aventureiros beach. Overnight at Abraão Beach.

Day 9 – Morning hike 6km to access a deserted beach to surf. The return in the afternoon is made by boat. Overnight at Abraão Beach.

Day 10 – This is a flexible day and we have two good options to choose from as a group. We will do as the group majority desire.

Day 11 – Chill breakfast then leave Ilha Grande at 11am. Transfer to Rio Airport.

  • 1 Night in Rio de Janeiro.
  • 3 Nights in Paraty
  • 1 Night in Mamanguá
  • 2 Nights in our Secret Spot
  • 3 Nights in Ilha Grande

Guest requirements

  • Some experience on a surf board
  • Good physical health

Before your trip, please inform us or your guide of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, etc.

What to bring with you

  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen/hat/cap
  • Camera to document your epic trip (water protection recommended)


 ✔️ Guide
 ✔️ Transportation
 ✔️ 9 nights of accommodation including breakfast
 ❌ Lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks
 ❌ Accident/travel insurance


Along the way we staying in different Hotels and Guest Houses with large clean rooms, good beds and fast internet. Television and other amenities are available and many have a hot tub for hotel guests.


For additional information about travelling in Brazil, visit: http://www.visitbrasil.com/en/


Internet is available in most of the accommodations. We’re glad to inform you that in the wild part of the trip there will be no better connection than Nature.
Good mobile G4 signal & coverage in roads and towns.


Aside from lunches and dinners, there are no required additional expenses for this trip, but you might like to take spending money for such things as souvenir shopping and nightlife.


Laundry is available in 2 nights. Please talk to your guides to arrange.


Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG).


We do not book international flights for our guests. A great tool to view different flight options at the best available rates is Google Flights or Skyscanner.

Flights from Norway to Rio including return usually cost around NOK. 5.500,00 to 7.500,00

Flights from most European countries to Rio usually cost in between €450,00 to €700,00

Travel time from the intercontinental European airports to Rio de Janeiro Airport is in between 10 to 11 hours.


We will be offering airport pick-up from the Rio de Janeiro International Airport on Day 1 at 2:00 p.m. The pick up point is at the end of the arrivals lane, where our guides will be holding a sign with our company name on it.
It is imperative that you are there on time, at 2:00 p.m. sharp! It is 50 a minute drive to the Lodge.
We do offer airport pick-up prior to Day 1 at an extra cost or outside of the scheduled time listed above. There is a hotel beside the airport, and taxi and Uber service works well in Rio.


This Ride ends in the afternoon of Day 11.
On Day 11, your guides will be doing drop-offs at Rio de Janeiro International Airport at 3:00 p.m.
If staying a few extra days, there are many hotels in Rio.
Drop-offs will be offered on Day 11 only.


  • 09th February to 20th February – CARNAVAL
  • 22nd March to 1st April
  • 10th November to 21st November

Would you like a private, customised ski tour outside of the dates listed above? Complete the inquiry form located below on this page, and inform us regarding your choices.

We'll hand-craft an itinerary specifically suited to your wishes and needs.




Our Lifetime Guarantee allows any of our Clients forced to delay a departure or wanting to switch tour packages altogether the ability to apply their initial deposit towards a later scheduled date or another Person at no extra charge. As long as you give us 61 days’ notice, your deposit will be good forever, whether you use it for the same trip or transfer it to another one. A Lifetime Guarantee has no expiration date and can be used for any departure – provided room is still available, and the accommodation availability you are welcome to join in another departure.

Simply put, we want to ensure you can enjoy the Outdoor Norway experience you want, at a time that works best for you.

A Lifetime Guarantee is also transferable, meaning that you can transfer your deposit to another Friend as a gift or for a fee, it's up to you.


Any cancellations made within 60 days of the scheduled departure will be treated as a passenger cancellation, in which case the entire payment, will be forfeited and cannot be applied to another departure. Please see our cancellation terms and conditions for Multiday tours.

We highly recommend you purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance for your safety. On this way, are covered inside the 60 days prior departure 

We allow one transfer of your Lifetime Guarantee deposit, if you choose to transfer a second time, there is a kr. 4.500 transfer fee.


Still have questions?


Do I need prior experience to go surfing?

Yes, we highly recommend that you have prior experience in order to enjoy this trip to the fullest. There is also an option to take surfing courses if you want to get the basics under you belt quickly!

Is it necessary to know how to swim?

Yes, you will need basic swimming skills for your safety. Despite our comprehensive safety instructions and tips, being a proficient swimmer enhances your ability to help yourself if you find yourself in the water. It's a required layer of personal safety and confidence in the water.

Do I need to book my own flight?

Yes, you do.

The tour commences with a gathering in Brazil at Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG). You'll be responsible for arranging your own transportation.

Do I need my own gear?

Yes, we highly recommend that.

If bringing your own isn't feasible, please inform us in advance so we can explore options for arranging gear for you.

Do I need to be physically fit to join this trip?

Having good to normal physical fitness is highly recommended.

Additionally, it's important for us to be aware of any medical conditions you might have while participating in our tours. This allows us to provide better care and prevent accidents. Should any issues arise, our certified water guides are well-prepared to address them promptly.

Unfortunately, participation in our trip is not possible if you:

- cannot swim
- are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
- are visually impaired

Please consult with us if you:

- have physical or mental disabilities, or
- are hearing impaired, so we can assess possibilities together.

I have some medical issues; can I still participate?

You might be able to join our tours.

Please consult with us regarding your medical condition if you have:

- asthma, epilepsy, or diabetes
- a heart condition
- spinal problems (such as a spinal hernia or issues with discs)
- undergone an operation in the last 2 years
- blood clotting problems
- experienced any injuries in the last 2 years (such as broken bones or a dislocated joints)
- serious allergies
- ny other medical condition not listed above

Let us know if you require any medication during the tour, and please inform your guides about your medical condition.

Do I need to sign a waiver?


Upon joining any activity, a waiver acknowledging risks must be read and signed. For minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign the waiver.