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880 NOK Adult

800 NOK Youth
680 NOK Child


3 hours total

1 to 1,5 hour canoeing


5 + years


May - Oct

All equipments + guide




This tour is suitable for beginners and experienced, you have to paddle and work as a team to navigate down the river



Paddle along a beautiful stretch of the gorgeous Raundal River. Join our fun and flow Canoe trip.

Take your entire family or friends on a relaxing and outstanding adventure! Outdoor Norway will take you on a stunning trip to discover the magnificent Raundal River from an inflatable canoe.

You will paddle alone in the canoes while our guide is close by with his kayak, guiding you down the river.

Your 5km “fun-flow” experience starts where the Marine Canyon finishes at.
Our friendly experienced guides will accompany you while you ‘go with the flow’ and paddle down this picturesque river and enjoy the outstanding scenery.

Your tour will finish at Palma Fossen; a 15m high waterfall on the Raundalselva river, here you will find a Salmon Ladder that helps the salmon to swim all the way up the Raundalen. There the shuttle back to Voss awaits you.

Flow Canoes

Our fun Flow Canoes & Rafts provide you with the perfect way for you and your entire family to enjoy this breathtaking scenery.
The section of river we paddle contains many fun rapids in the Class I-II category as well as many beautiful pools for you to relax and float through while enjoying the crystal clear water.

Our qualified guide will provide instruction (dry land and on-the-water) so that you not only have a great trip but learn skills that you can apply to future paddle adventures as well.

River Canoe Outdoor Norway 2 1

What to expect

This is a great canoe trip, the perfect opportunity to enjoy the river while having fun and discovering this breathtaking piece on the
Mighty Raundal river.

River rapids grade 1 72%
Adrenaline 70%
Scenic Nature 95%

F.A.Q. – River Canoe tours in Voss with Outdoor Norway and our answers.

No, you don’t. Most of our guests are first-timers and our trips, equipment, and briefings are designed to put beginners at ease.
Our experienced guides will provide a safety orientation before you get on the water and coach you the whole way through the rapids. No previous experience is necessary.

The rivers change from May to October.
High water is usually from June to mid July during the snow melting season. For the real whitewater enthusiast, this would be an exciting time to book on our tour as the rapids are at their biggest.
That being said, the amazing scenery along the Raundal Canyon makes it a fantastic experience all summer long. The Raundal River is not dam controlled and water levels vary all season long, making it an excellent choice at any time during the season
There is a stable raft option for children from 5 to 9 years old, and it is strongly recommended if the river water level is medium level. After the check-in, our guide will evaluate that with the adult responsible for the group. If the river is at a high water level for safety reasons, using a more stable vessel is mandatory.

We recommend that all of our canoers be in good physical health.

If you have a medical issue but you still want to go river canoeing, we always recommend you check with your doctor first.

Plan “A” is always to stay in the boat. 

Before you go on any trip, you’ll be given extensive instructions on what to do if you fall in, and how to be a smart swimmer.

Follow your guide’s instructions, and your “swim” could be the most exciting part of your trip and a great story to tell your friends afterwards!

There is no maximum age limit for our tours – as long as you’re physically fit you’re welcome aboard!

Our scenic float is also an amazing experience for anyone still wanting to get out on the river, but not interested in grade III rapids.

– Swimming clothes ( to wear underneath the wetsuit)
– Thermal underwear if cold
– Change of clothes (for after the rafting tour)
– Suncream

Weather limitations: Canoening is a great activity to do on sunny or rainy days.

 usually between the start of May to the end of October

Tip is not a regular thing in Norway as it’s in USA. Your guide works hard to ensure that you have a fun, yet safe rafting adventure and always committed to the Outdoor Norway high standard guided tour.

Tip is widely accepted as the industry norm; and tipping is always appreciated but never expected. It stays totally at your own discretion.

The Raundal River there is a gauge close to the Palmafossen and this gauge send updates every hour to department of hydrology in Norway NVE which observes the water levels for different purposes as flood and electricity price. This infos are available at their website and we do monitor the river flow via APP.
Hard to say the exactly temperature at any given time therefore we gonna clear the subject for you and provide with some references:

May: is a melting season and varies from 5°C to 8°C

June: still melting and varies from 7°C to 12°C

July: from 11°C to 19°C. Here depends a lot about the amount of snow is left in the high mountains and the west side of Hardangervidda plateau. If there is very little amount of snow left + hot air temperatures then by the mid July the water can be warmer. In recently summers few of our guests don’t even bother to dress a wetsuit.

August: from 10°C to 17°C

September: from 9°C to 15°C

October: from 8°C to 13°C

Outdoor Norway provide all guests with: wetsuit John, wetsuit jacket, neoprene river boots and water-resistant/wind-resistant jacket so you can be warm out there.

Note: If you ever ask a Vestlander (A Norwegian born in the west part of Norway) “What is the water temperature like?” they will simple resume the answer to: “The water is fresh”. Meaning it’s never cold and always optimal for an adventure, only thing you need is the right equipment.


Refund Guarantee

If your trip is cancelled due to COVID choose from free date changes, account credit or full refund.


Your money is safe. Every booking fully financially protected.

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Summer Outdoor Shop address:
Evangervegen 14
5704 Voss

Find us on the waterfront, close to the Voss Gondola, in front of Fleischer’s Hotel. 
Click here for google maps directions.

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